TVs! Games! Toys! Wine! TV Insider’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Is the Most Fun Yet

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Peggy Li Jewelry
Whether it’s The Bachelorette, The Resident or Elementary, it seems that TV’s most stylish players know that Peggy Li’s work is second to none. Her gorgeous, understated elegance has been spotted all over the dial lately, including the bronze horn worn by Josie on Riverdale, Jane the Virgin‘s adjustable arrow ring and the triangle cage earrings favored by Felicity on Arrow. Check out the “As Seen On” section on Li’s website for a full rundown of her wares and where you saw them! (prices vary,


Samsung Frame
When not delivering gorgeous 4K UHD TV—that is four times more detailed than Full HD!—Samsung’s distinctively flawless Frame is a literal work of art: This beaut isn’t just a top-of-the-line Smart TV, it also streams paintings of your choice instead of a blah black powered-off screen. Or you can select the Ambient Mode, which sets the screen to run an image that blends in with your walls. (starting at $1,199.99.

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Dolby Dimension Headphones and Xbox One X
Gaming has never looked or sounded so good! Not only is the Xbox One X packing Dolby Vision and Atmos to give you a 3-D experience, the Dimension headphones have been developed with Dolby’s proprietary LifeMix tech so you can switch wirelessly between multiple home-entertainment sources and adjust what you hear. (Dimension Headphones, $599.99 exclusively at; XBox prices vary,


Nintendo 2DS XL
The quickest way to regain control of the remote? Give ‘em this updated, lighter-than-ever Nintendo 2DS XL handheld system that comes pre-loaded with Mario Kart 7 and hours of distraction. And don’t worry about play options: This streamlined rendition has a faster processor AND works with the 1000+ library of 3DS games. ($149.99,

Packaging - Bandai Namco Flashback Blast

Bandai Namco Flashback Blast!
AtGames has the hookup when it comes to giving classic-games gifts, thanks to their growing range of wireless controllers. For the Bandai NAMCO edition, you just plug the pre-loaded dongle featuring eight old-school titles (including Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Galaga), sync up the handset and get your game on! Other retro options offer Atari and Activision favorites. ($19.99-39.99,


Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Set
Your pint-sized builders are in for endless shifts of fun with this one! Kids can grind up the included compound into gravel, pile it onto the dump truck and call in the steamroller to work its flattening magic. Other Wheels sets available include Crane & Forklift and Excavator & Loader. ($9.99-14.99,

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Dreaming of a binge Christmas? The joys of sets comes in many shapes, from the O.G. Charmed: The Complete First Season and Soul Food: The Complete Series (so good!) to CBS All Access’s fabulous Star Trek Discovery: Season One and The Originals: The Complete Series. For retro diehards, there’s nothing better than going full-tilt marathoning with Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection and the stunning remastered edition of Batman: The Complete Animated Series. (prices vary,

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DVDs, Part 2! The British Invasion
We all have that one person on our gift list who is just obsessed with all things international. Usually they’re insufferable but their taste is unquestionable. So why not treat them to a bundle of “telly programmes” like the BAFTA-winning comedy The Detectorists: Complete Collection or Vera: Sets 1-7 Collection, starring international treasure Brenda Blethyn as a cranky Chief Inspector battling crime in Northeast England? There’s also the perfectly seasonal (and so Canadian) Murdoch Mysteries: The Christmas Cases Limited Edition, which collects three holiday-themed, feature-length episodes starring Yannick Bisson. (prices vary, and


Dimensions Home Fragrances
Ditch the Glade plug-ins and spruce up your space with these personalized scents! Based on your room choice and an online survey of favorite notes, Dimensions will send you a stylish diffuser and three bottles of scents to set the mood for every season. There are even two new holiday collections for those of us who need pine and berry in our lives on the regular. (Packages start at $24.99,

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RockLove Jewelry
If you love an Outlander addict like Jamie loves Claire, gift ’em with this gorgeous show-inspired jewelry, including a delicate thistle wrap ring and matching heart necklace, both accented with a faceted amethyst. Designed by Allison Hourcade Cimino, RockLove’s entire line pops with style and must-have pieces for fans of Winnie the Pooh, Black Panther, Disney princesses and even Firefly — there’s a Browncoat necklace Captain Mal would totally approve of.
(prices vary,


World Vision’s Grace Collection by Patricia Heaton
There’s no Middle ground about it: We adore the line of goods Heaton has created for the global charity organization that includes gold-tone tassel necklace, a cuffed infinity scarf and turquoise bead stretch bracelet. (prices vary,

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Let’s face it, they make the best presents. For the hipster on your list, there’s Chris McDonnell’s gorgeous coffee-table tome, BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse, exploring the animation and influences of Netflix’s cult-fave cartoon. And Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files by Todd VanDerWerff and Zack Handlen will thrill anyone who wants to believe they are a Mulder instead of a Scully. Filled with thoughtful analysis and savvy takes on Fox’s classic series, this one gives geekdom a great name. (prices vary,

Seven Sundays Cover Image

Seven Sundays: A Faith, Fitness, and Food Plan for Lasting Spiritual and Physical Change
Mind, body and soul come together in celebrity trainer Alex Penix’s newly released book that blends workout tips, inspirational tales and a 43-day devotional that takes readers on a six-week journey to building a life-changing
connection between faith and fitness. ($17.10,

The Wallworkshop/Smith Publicity

The Enchanted Sonata
Let’s see…a sassy new romance based on “The Nutcracker,” from a former music major-turned-storyboard artist for Disney? Yeah, we can promise that Heather Dixon Wallwork’s adorable mix of magic, heart and holiday seasoning is the book most likely to win you a “I love it!” from the reader you’re looking to impress. (, $12.95)


Elf Pets
St. Nick meets Saint Bernards in this The Elf on the Shelf-inspired treat, complete with a read-along book about Santa’s four-legged assistant, a plush pup and link for your own official adoption certificate. ($24.95,

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Harry Potter LEGO Sets
The little wizards on your list will lose their wands over these detailed builds! The Hogwarts Express brings Harry’s favorite ride to life (and death, thanks to the Dementor) and the 878-piece Great Hall comes with TEN mini-figures, including half the Weasley family. And if the kids have been extra nice this year, the massive 6000+ piece Hogwarts Castle will keep them busy in between all of the Potter marathons running through the holidays! ($79.99-399.99,

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Aquaman Swag
The King of Atlantis is about to make a major splash at the box office and you know there’s a fan of the fish guy and his crew on your list. So surf on over to the hat heroes at New Era for their full line of Aqua-wares, including this black 9Fifty snapback and hunter orange cuff beanie (prices vary, The Mera fashion doll, outfitted in her signature bodysuit and rocking 11-points of articulation, makes the perfect guest for Barbie’s next pool party. ($20.99, and

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Supernatural Chic
The fandom that stresses over the Winchesters together can now dress together, thanks to Hot Topic’s line of Supernatural-themed duds. In addition to a Devils’ Trap hoodie and a sick Pentagram skirt, there’s also the Dad’s Journal cargo jacket (with the family-business motto “Saving People, Hunting Things” printed inside the collar), the Monsters suspender skirt and the Castiel Wings sweater. Think of it as cosplay couture. (prices vary,

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Riverdale Regalia
Whether you’re a Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Josie or Toni, there is something you’ll want to be rockin’ at the holiday parties this year from Hot Topic’s exclusive batch of looks. The faux-leather Southside Serpent vest lets everyone know where your loyalties lie, while the Betty Tie-Front Button-Up gives you that girl-next-door vibe with a hidden touch of edge (Juggie’s crown is hidden in the embroidery). And the shoes? Even Cheryl Blossom would be envious! There is also a black hooded cape, a leopard-print bodysuit and a cheeky tank top perfect for your favorite River Vixen. (prices vary,

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The Simpsons BrickHeadz
LEGO’s 215-piece homages to Homer and Krusty the Clown make a perfect stocking stuffer. Just make sure the kids keep all the pieces off the floor or you’ll be the one telling “D’oh!” ($19.99,

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AKG Headphones
Nothing beats a solid set of headphones and these sleek over-ear units are both hot and high-tech. They even pair wirelessly with most bluetooth TVs so you can re-binge Breaking Bad without waking up the rest of the house. (starting at $149.99,


Victrola’s 6-in-1 Music Center
Beneath the classic mid-century design is everything a music fan craves: a 3-speed turntable, Bluetooth connectivity, CD and cassette players, an FM radio with analog tuner and built-in stereo speakers. Finally, the system your Stranger Things soundtrack deserves! ( $149.99)

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Game of Thrones Goodies
Winter is coming, so skip the boughs of holly and deck your halls with GoT decor like a Westeros ornament or a resin Ice Dragon if you really want to chill this season. Oh, and it’s time to up your dad-gift game, so there’s an entire line of ties bearing the house sigils! (prices vary,

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The JBL Link View
Google Assistant meets A-list sound in the JBL Link View, an 8-inch high-def touch screen portal that also allows users to stream YouTube or Chromecast their favorite TV shows. It’s a portable TV that knows stuff! ($249.95,

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The Walking Dead Wine
Get your guests stumbling like walkers with TWD-inspired vinos like the Daryl Dixon Cabernet and Rick Grimes Sirah. There’s also a Negan Bourbon Barrel Red Blend and we hear it’s killer. ($22,

LEGO Batmobile

LEGO’s App-Controlled Batmobile
First you build it, then you drive it! The 321-piece build features 2 motors powered by a Bluetooth-controlled battery hub, 4-wheel drive and a bunch of new Bat weapons for customization. Download the Batmobile app and, Great Caesar’s Ghost, your home is now Gotham City! ($99,

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The weather outside may be getting frightful (thanks, climate change!) but the season can still be delightful.

Especially if you’re like us and really get your Yule Log burning with some hardcore holiday-ing. That’s why we have gathered up a festive gallery of goodies for everyone on your gift list this year. We’re talking presents perfect for TV fans, gamers and even those lucky few who still have the time to read.

So shake off those humbugs and get to giving, folks!