11 Things You Missed in the ‘Gotham’ Series Finale Trailer (PHOTOS)

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Gotham Bruce

Bruce sets out to become Batman

“When Gotham needs me, I will return,” he says.

Gotham Wayne Tower

The new Wayne Tower

Wayne Enterprises may have been destroyed in the series’ penultimate episode, but the new building stands tall in Gotham.

Gotham Ed

Is the Riddler going to stir up some trouble at a party?

“I am the Riddler,” Ed (Cory Michael Smith) says in a voiceover. “Gotham will remember that.” He makes his way through a party. Lee (Morena Baccarin), Barbara (Erin Richards), and Lucius (Chris Chalk) are also in attendance.

Gotham Barbara

Barbara has a new look

Barbara was sporting a short, blonde cut up through Thursday’s episode. Not only is her hair longer, but it’s also a new color.

Gotham Catwoman

Meet Catwoman?

The trailer offers several looks at a burglar making his or her way through lasers, and given the claws used to get to a jewel, it’s probably safe to assume this is Selina/Catwoman (Camren Bicondova).

Gotham James daughter

Barbara Lee Gordon?

Is James (Ben McKenzie) holding his daughter here, or is this another young girl in trouble? Odds are it’s the former. Considering who her parents are, it’s no surprise she’ll end up in danger.

Gotham Penguin Riddler

Trouble for the Riddler and Penguin

Ed and Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) are both embracing their identities as the Riddler and Penguin in the trailer, but it looks like they’re going to run into some trouble while riding in the back of a limousine.

Gotham Jeremiah

Jeremiah looks crazy

That’s nothing new for Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan).

Gotham James Batman

James and Batman meet

James is hunting someone, and we can only assume it’s Batman since we next hear a deep voice saying, “I’m not your enemy.”

Gotham James gun

James in trouble

There’s someone in the backseat of James’ car with a gun on him.

Gotham Batman

The Bat Signal brings Batman

Early in the trailer, James and Bullock (Donal Logue) appear to be setting up the Bat Signal when it looks like Alfred (Sean Pertwee) joins them. Considering we then see Batman on a rooftop staring down at them at the end, it works.

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It’s taken five seasons, but it’s time for Batman to officially debut in the Gotham series finale.

The final episode flashes forward 10 years into the future, just as Bruce (David Mazouz) is ready to return for the opening of the new Wayne Tower. But he’s not the only one who has changed in that time.

'Gotham' Wraps Filming on the Final Season — See How the Cast Said Goodbye (PHOTOS)See Also

'Gotham' Wraps Filming on the Final Season — See How the Cast Said Goodbye (PHOTOS)

Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, and more of the cast and crew bid farewell from set.

Fox released a trailer Thursday teasing new looks for the city’s residents. But most importantly, it features a moment that everyone’s waiting for: hearing Batman for the first time.

Click through the gallery above to see the moments you may have missed from this look into Gotham‘s future.

Watch the trailer below.

Gotham, Series Finale, Thursday, April 25, 8/7c, Fox