New York Goes Gritty and Gothic Behind the Scenes of ‘Gotham’ (PHOTOS)

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Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue of Gotham
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“I love New York,” raves Donal Logue (right, with Ben McKenzie) of filming on the city’s streets. “It’s absolutely the place Gotham should be shot.” The locals agree! A sanitation worker who recognized McKenzie from the show “walked over and shook my hand,” he recalls. “That was cool…he was just a regular dude.”
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Robin Lord Taylor’s tresses get a touch-up to keep Penguin’s wildly original look as hair-raising as his crimes. “My hair gets sprayed with various potions and tinctures and then blown out,” says the actor, crediting “hair wizard” Theresa Marra-Siliceo. “It takes a lot to get this blond Iowan to look like a legendary adversary.”
Cory Michael Smith behind the sces of Gotham
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Cory Michael Smith, who plays GCPD’s creepy coroner turned killer, is “totally relishing the new Ed Nygma,” he says, predicting a lot more bloody fun in Season 2 for this newly minted madman. “I’m ready for him to begin to gain the power, prowess and panache that will lead him to his self-proclaimed identity as the Riddler.”

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Executive producer Danny Cannon says he was wowed daily by Gotham’s young cast, including Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz (pictured at Wayne Manor, aka Long Island’s Stevenson Taylor Hall). “Every time we saw them on screen improving upon what we’d written, we just wanted to go back and write more for them,” he says.
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A trained dancer, teenager Camren Bicondova (pictured here on the grounds of the Wayne Manor set) says some of her character’s outfits weren’t exactly made for Selina Kyle’s smooth, catlike moves. “I went through about five pairs of pants,” she says with a laugh. “They kept ripping!”
Jada Pinkett Smith in Gotham
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Having the opportunity to play this character made me enchanted with acting again," says Jada Pinkett Smith, hanging around between takes on the show's Brooklyn soundstage. "I can literally say Fish Mooney saved my desire to act." And we can literally say that the moody but amazing mafiosa will be truly missed.
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“New York in the ’70s is the template for Gotham,” says exec producer Bruno Heller, so it makes sense that the DC Comics drama shoots in and around the Big Apple. If you can make it here, why would you want to make it anywhere else?

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