10 Most Memorable 'Game of Thrones' Fashion Moments (PHOTOS)

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Cersei’s red dress

In earlier seasons, it wasn’t unusual to see Cersei wearing Lannister red and gold. What’s striking about this dress is that it features armor accents, seeming to call back to her desire to go to battle and her quote to the late Robert Baratheon: “I should wear the armor, and you, the gown.”


Margaery’s blue dress

Though Cersei doesn’t approve of Margaery’s fashion choices, she certainly looked regal in this gorgeous gown which features a Tyrell rose at the waist.


Sansa’s black dress

Of all the female characters on Game of Thrones, the evolution of Sansa’s style might be the most interesting; she tends to emulate whoever she respects at the time — Cersei, Margaery, etc. Also notable is the fact that Sansa, on the show, would’ve made this dress herself. Her unique necklace is meant to be her version of Arya’s Needle, according to costume designer Michele Clapton, who said in an interview with The Cut: “We’ve always known that Sansa makes her own clothes, so it was a very deliberate decision of hers, to change and say, ‘I’m not going to be pushed around. I’m going to take charge.’”


Daenerys’ gray coat and red cape

Many of the women on Game of Thrones wear darker colors as the seasons go on, and Daenerys is no exception. In Season 7, she wears Targaryen colors with this gray outfit with a red cape; if you look closely at the cape, you can see it’s stitched to look like dragon scales.

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Brienne’s Purple Wedding outfit

Though it’s not the flashiest outfit in the series, it’s worth noting simply because it’s one of the only times we see Brienne not wearing her signature armor. She wears a shade of blue that brings to mind those Tarth sapphires, complete with a House Tarth sigil on her chest. The lacing on the back is a nice detail, too.


Joffrey’s outfits

He might have been a terrible king, but Joffrey certainly knew how to dress. Typically wearing some variation of Lannister red and gold, Joffrey looked as elegant as he was horrible and sadistic.

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Margaery’s wedding dress

A beautiful dress for a beautiful day… well, unless you’re Joffrey. According to Clapton in an interview with Fashionista, Margaery’s wedding dress took five or six weeks to make, and all the roses on the train were rolled and stitched by hand.


Daenerys’ white dress

At the end of Season 5, Daenerys first rode Drogon while wearing the white dress she’d worn to the opening of the fighting pits in Meereen. White, typically a symbol of purity, was meant to symbolize immortality according to Clapton in an interview with Fashionista. She said, “I wanted to give this rather untouchable [quality] to her. The idea behind the white and pale grey is the sense of removal, a removal from reality.”


Cersei’s black dress

Who does this dress remind you of? If you said Tywin Lannister, you guessed right. Many of Cersei’s outfits in later seasons evoke traces of her father’s armor and clothing. Power is power, indeed.

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Brienne’s armor

This was certainly a step up from Brienne’s old armor. Thanks to Jaime Lannister, Brienne receives some well-made silver armor from King’s Landing, as well as her gorgeous and now-iconic sword, Oathkeeper.

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From Cersei's armored dresses to Brienne of Tarth's actual armor, the costumes on Game of Thrones are as varied as they are beautiful.

Almost every outfit symbolizes something about a character — about their House, about their journey, about their feelings or their development. Even setting the deeper meanings of each thread aside, these costumes are created to appear hand-crafted, and as such, many intricate details on them were painstakingly created by hand.

There's a good reason the show won Emmys for Outstanding Costume Design in a Series and Costume Designer's Guild Awards for the category of Fantasy TV Series!

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite outfits from the series.

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