8 Things We Want From Monica Raymund's 'Chicago Fire' Return (PHOTOS)

Meredith Jacobs

There's some very good news for Chicago Fire — and especially Gabby Dawson — fans.

Monica Raymund will be appearing in the November 20 winter finale, "Best Friend Magic," Entertainment Weekly reports. She's back in Chicago "to help raise money for her aid organization and stops by Firehouse 51 to see Otis' memorial and to reconnect with everyone," showrunner Derek Haas revealed. But fans will also get to see how her return affects her ex-husband, Casey (Jesse Spencer).

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"Fans can expect sparks to fly from the Dawson and Casey reunion," the actress said of her return. "Dawson and Casey will always have an unbreakable bond, and their love is a special love that I think will forever stay alive. The fans don't want to miss this episode — we get to seep Dawson and Casey's love in a new light."

Raymund last appeared in the Season 7 premiere, and she'd asked her husband to join her in Puerto Rico, where she'd taken a new job in relief efforts.

Click through the gallery above to see what we're hoping Dawson's return brings to the One Chicago universe.

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