What Needs to Be Covered in Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ (PHOTOS)

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Euphoria Season 2 Zendaya Played as Rue
zedaya rue episode one

Did Rue overdose?

#EuphoriaTwitter shared conspiracies about Zendaya’s character Rue after realizing she has been the main narrator for each character’s individual story. Fans are implying that Rue has been dead all along — and with the last cut scene of her relapsing in Episode 8 from Season 1, the evidence is starting to pile up!

Jules Hunter Schafer Euphora
Eddy Chen/HBO

Will ‘Rules’ make a comeback in Season 2?

After Jules, played by model Hunter Schafer, left Rue behind at the train station, it was unclear if their blooming relationship was put on hold to be continued later or if Jules is gone for good. Viewers are left questioning if Rue will continue to pursue Jules, why Rue never hopped on the train and if Jules is looking for another relationship in her old town.

Euphoria Maddy DVD

What will Maddy do after knowing Nate’s dad hooked up with Jules?

Episode 8 shows Maddy — played by Alexa Dermie — with her jaw dropped after sneakily watching the tape left on Nate’s desk. After learning about Nate’s dad’s affair and secrets, how will Maddy move on from here? Is it over between Maddy and Nate, or will this be used in her favor for Season 2?

Euphoria Kat and Ethan

Will Kat and Ethan make it through?

Barbie Ferreira gives an amazing performance as Kat, whose new persona made her more hard-edge and dominant when she encounters men. Her alter ego as a cam girl has completely tuned her out from enjoying her teenage years. After ignoring her low-key crush on Ethan for the whole season, she finally took the first step in forming a relationship with him at prom. How will her relationship with Ethan clash with her cam girl lifestyle in Season 2? Will they last?

Fez Euphoria Dealer

Is Fez alive?

Fans were left on the edge of their seat after witnessing the last encounter with Fez (played by Angus Cloud). After robbing a man in front of his child to secure money and pay back his drug dealer Mouse, he hasn’t been seen since. Fez’s last scene in Episode 8 shows Mouse holding a gun and counting money, but it’s unknown if Fez was in the clear. Will fans finally get an episode of Fez’s backstory in Season 2?

Cassie and McKay Euphoria

Are Cassie and McKay calling it quits?

Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, was last seen at prom barefaced and without McKay at her side. The two were last seen arguing over Cassie’s announcement of her pregnancy, which lead to Cassie having an abortion. After such a traumatic experience and not having support from McKay in keeping the child, Cassie was very quiet in the final episode of Season 1. Is it over for Cassie and McKay for good? Where will she go from here?

Lexi and Cassie Euphoria Prom

Is Lexi going to find a lover in Season 2?

Out of all of the characters on the show, Lexi (played by Maude Apatow) has embodied the most ‘average’ storyline compared to the rest. She is often dismissed and not necessarily considered a ‘popular girl’ or very active, unlike her sister Cassie. With the last episode of Season 1 taking place at prom, Lexi implied she doesn’t need a partner — but is this setting the tone for what’s to come with Lexi’s love life in Season 2? Fans have been commenting on Euphoria‘s social media accounts demanding more from Lexi in Season 2, and we might get just that!

Rue and Gia Euphoria Zendaya Storm Reid

Will Rue’s sister Gia get involved with the wrong crowd?

Gia (Storm Reid), Rue’s younger sister, has been starting to get mixed up with drugs as she explores herself while transitioning to teenage-hood. We have seen Gia witness all of Rue’s encounters with drugs and how it effected Rue’s mental and physical health, but will Gia end up following in the same footsteps as Rue in Season 2?

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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the first season of HBO’s Euphoria.]

The first season of the hit HBO series Euphoria abruptly left us wanting more after witnessing the crazed tales of reckless teenagers. In its eight-episode debut, fans were very much invested in each individual character’s story arc, which made the finale hard to watch as we were left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Euphoria‘s Season 1 finale took place at prom, as viewers experienced relationships dying, forming and uncomfortably reappearing all in the same episode. The heart-crushing breakup between Zendaya‘s character Rue and her emotionally unavailable love interest Jules, played by model Hunter Schafer, left fans shook and confused that Rue doesn’t board the train with Jules after planning their escape together.

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Plus, is Fez all good with his supplier? Did [Spoiler] die? And what do we need answered in Season 2?

After seeing one couple end, another blooms as Barbie Ferreira’s character Kat explores her sexuality further without depending on her cam girl side gig as she approaches Ethan at the dance. Later that same night, we see the reunion between Maddy, played by Alexa Dermie, and her ex-boyfriend Nate (played by Jacob Elordi) to continue their toxic bittersweet relationship.

As partygoers danced at what seemed to be a typical dramatic prom night, Fez finds himself in a predicament paying back his drug supplier Mouse, and Cassie is alone with her sister Lexi after having an abortion.

With all of the craziness that occurred in Euphoria‘s first season finale and its announcement of a second season, we put together a gallery of what needs to be addressed in Season 2. Be sure to click through above as we wait for the new season.

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