A Breakdown of Where ‘Empire’ Season 5 Picks Up

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Jamal (Jussie Smollett)

The R&B singer found more than just himself on his soul-searching trip to London. Executive producer Brett Mahoney teases “a new love” for the middle Lyon boy, who is set to “become the hero his family needs to build a new empire.”

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Andre (Trai Byers)

Now that he’s caused the death of ex-stepmom Anika (Byers’s real-life wife, Grace Byers) so she couldn’t take over Empire Entertainment with the deceptive Eddie (Forest Whitaker), “Andre embraces his darkness,” says Mahoney.

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Cookie (Taraji P. Henson)

Lucious’s right-hand woman is ready for the spotlight. “She moves from supporting her husband and sons to center stage when she becomes an internet celebrity,” Mahoney says. “But can Cookie learn to put herself first?”

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Lucious (Terrence Howard)

After losing his record label, the ruthless patriarch begins Season 5 at rock bottom. Don’t count him out of the game, though. Mahoney notes, “Lucious channels his inner thug and launches a new music venture.”

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Hakeem (Bryshere Gray)

The youngest Lyon son was last seen shielding pregnant girlfriend Tiana (Serayah) and daughter Bella from a gun-toting racist. Mahoney promises not to drag out the suspense: “In the first episode, Hakeem’s fate is revealed.”

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How the mighty have fallen.

The once-powerful Lyon music dynasty took some major hits, including a hostile takeover, on Season 4. Flashing forward two years, Empire finds the clan eager to claw back to the top.

Click through the gallery above to find out where the characters stand before the Season 5 premiere.

Empire, Season 5 Premiere, Wednesday, Sept 26, 8/7c, Fox