Meet the Colorful Characters of Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ (PHOTOS)

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Art Streiber/Hulu
Castle Rock -- Henry Deaver (Andre Holland)
Art Streiber/Hulu

Henry Deaver (André Holland)

Defense attorney, 39, who takes on the case of The Kid.

Suspected of murdering his own father as a child. Says Holland: “Henry left with the whole town hating, or at least suspecting, him. He is risking a great deal by coming back. People haven’t forgotten or forgiven. Deep down, he’s still a terrified boy.”

Castle Rock -- Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek)
Art Streiber/Hulu

Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek)

Henry’s adoptive mom, a former professor and widow, 67, suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Her beau is onetime lawman Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn). “Poor Ruth is experiencing both psychological horrors and paranormal horrors because of her physical and mental condition — and living in Castle Rock,” Spacek says.

Castle Rock -- Shawshank Prisoner (Bill Skarsgard)
Art Streiber/Hulu

The Kid (Bill Skarsgård)

Mysterious twentysomething prisoner in Shawshank State Prison.

The gaunt, uncommunicative inmate stumps law enforcement. “His superpower is his anonymity,” says executive producer Dustin Thomason. “One thing that will really pull people in is that Bill had total willingness to disappear into the part.”

Castle Rock -- Jackie (Jane Levy)
Art Streiber/Hulu

Jackie (Jane Levy)

Drama-loving barfly at the Mellow Tiger, de facto town historian, 24.

“She’s grown up on the folklore of Castle Rock but never witnessed it herself,” Levy says. “She wants something to happen.” Does it ever! On the flip side, “Jackie shows up at vital moments and can be helpful to people, including Henry.”

Castle Rock - Scott Glenn as Alan Pangborn
Art Streiber/Hulu

Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn)

Retired sheriff, 75, in love with Ruth.

“Alan’s quandary is accepting that maybe the problems with Castle Rock are not just [because] there’s high unemployment and a lot of resentments and it’s a busted mill town,” Glenn says. He must also come to terms with the possibility of “real, supernatural evil.”

Castle Rock -- Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey)
Art Streiber/Hulu

Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey)

Henry’s childhood neighbor, 39, now a real estate agent in a town where every third house has a horror story to tell.

She hides a terrible secret — and self-medicates at first to handle it. Says Lynskey: “Molly has a beautiful arc as she figures out different ways to cope.” She also has some empathic ability.

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Hulu’s  Castle Rock is nearing its July 25 debut, and the Stephen King-inspired series is bringing viewers a whole new set of characters.

In preparation of the highly-anticipated premiere, learn more about these new personalities that are sure to suck you in with their peculiarities. Click through the gallery to get briefed on these all-important figures and don’t forget to tune in when it begins streaming on Hulu later this month.

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