8 Burning Questions for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions
F. Scott Schafer/NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not have ended its seventh season with a major cliffhanger — especially compared to previous years — but it did leave us with questions about characters’ futures and a certain annual event.

Over the 13 episodes, Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) became parents, and Holt (Andre Braugher) went from beat cop to his rightful place as the squad’s captain. There was, of course, a heist, one that put the others (including their winners) to shame with its scope.

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So what comes next? Below, we take a look at our burning questions for Season 8 (the third on NBC).

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Jake Amy Parents
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What will Jake and Amy be like as parents?

We’ve seen them balance their professional and personal lives many times in the past — Amy even managed to keep things under control at the precinct during the blackout when she was in labor in the finale — but it’s very different when a baby is involved. This might, of course, depend on how much time will have passed between seasons, but how will now being parents change Jake and Amy as individuals, their approaches to their careers and any advancements (if at all), and as a couple?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Heist
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How will B99 top the "Valloweaster" heist?

There must, of course, be a heist. But is there any way to top Season 7’s, which stretched from Halloween to Valentine’s Day to Easter and made Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) a three-time champion? Or will it return to just being a Halloween (or just one other holiday, depending on the timing of the episode) event? What we do know is that Holt’s dog Cheddar will likely be involved. (Let’s just hope his vet doesn’t need to be again.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Gina Return
Erica Parise/NBC

Will Gina return?

The last time we saw Holt’s former assistant was in Season 6, and we’d welcome any storyline that brings Chelsea Peretti back — especially to see how she reacts to Jake and Amy being parents and any tips she might pass along as a mother herself. (It’s just too bad we couldn’t see her in Season 7 to see her reaction to Holt’s demotion to beat cop.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Returning Characters
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Which characters will return?

It’s pretty much a given that we’ll see Holt’s husband Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) in some capacity — but hopefully not with Cheddar in trouble again — but what about other recurring characters who returned in Season 7 like Pimento and Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), a.k.a. the Pontiac Bandit?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Rosa Relationship
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Will Rosa's luck with love change?

Rosa hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to relationships over the years. The most significant ones have been with Holt’s nephew Marcus (Nick Cannon), fellow detective Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), and most recently, cosmetology student Jocelyn (Cameron Esposito). (We saw Rosa, with Holt by her side, dealing with the breakup in Season 7.) Maybe Season 8 is the right time to bring Rosa some happiness when it comes to her love life. (Bonus: Let’s have that person be someone who can get along with the squad.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Linchpins
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What will the "linchpins" of Season 8 be?

Before Season 7 premiered, Beatriz said its “linchpins” were “the relationships between Jake and Holt, and Jake and Amy, and Jake and Charles,” and the 13 episodes did focus on them. Which will be the focus in Season 8?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Squad Changes
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Will there be any changes to the squad?

Season 7 saw the squad dealing with a new captain (briefly) while Holt was a beat cop before Terry (Terry Crews) took charge. But for the most part, the squad has stayed the same over the series (with a couple promotions like Amy’s to sergeant). Will that continue to be the case?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Questions Coronavirus
Jordin Althaus/NBC

How might the coronavirus pandemic be incorporated?

As a show about first responders in New York, it’s likely that at least some of the characters will have been impacted in one way or another (though less likely as a comedy that we’ll have to say goodbye to any as a result). Will we see any changes to the way the squad goes about work in Season 8?