New Love for Danny & 7 More Hopes for ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 10 (PHOTOS)

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Will Estes and Vanessa Ray get married in Blue Bloods - 'Something Blue'
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A celebration for Jamie and Eddie

Maybe seeing one of their birthdays, a reception, or some other kind of party for the couple might make up for the lack of a wedding during their wedding episode. Considering Estes previously said they didn’t film any extra scenes, it’s unlikely we’ll see the premiere pick up where the finale left off — it would be quite the undertaking to return to film at the church — or see it in a video later on.

Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods - Blues
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A new love for Danny?

Let’s at least see Blue Bloods continue to explore that possibility (but hopefully not with Baez?). No one will ever mean what Linda did to him — and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda’s (Amy Carlson) relationship has easily been one of the best on television in the last decade — but it may be time for Danny and the show to explore what comes next for him.

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Don’t change family dinners

For the most part, those have remained consistent over the years. Yes, it’s still not the same without Linda, and Eddie joined the table once she and Jamie got engaged, but no matter what else changes, let’s keep that family gathering and the discussions (and debates and disagreements) as they are.

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Jamie and Eddie as a married couple

We’ve seen them as partners, friends, and an engaged couple. And the show delved into how their lives changed — professionally and personally — when they took that last step. Now that they’re married, let’s see what else changes for them. They’ve touched on having a family, so let’s see them continue to explore that — without jumping right into it.

Worst Case Scenario
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More stories for Frank’s inner circle at 1PP

We occasionally get individual stories for those the Commissioner trusts the most (Abigail, Garrett, and Gormley), and we even saw the three trying to walk in each other’s shoes in the Season 9 finale. (The timing of the latter wasn’t the best, considering it was also Jamie and Eddie’s wedding episode.) Hopefully we continue to see that in Season 10.

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More of Jamie as boss (and everyone succeeding at work)

Season 9 put Jamie in a new job (and a new precinct), and it also changed things up for him and Eddie at work. Not only were they not riding together any more, but he was now her boss. Let’s continue to see how that plays out. They were keeping their relationship quiet, and obviously that can’t be the case after that wedding.

Let’s also keep seeing Frank (Tom Selleck) face and conquer challenges as the police commissioner (especially when it puts him in direct opposition with one of his family members). Let’s see Erin (Bridget Moynahan) continue to be the boss she is at work. Let’s see how Nicky’s (Sami Gayle) career goes.

Playing with Fire
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Mix up the family dynamics

We’re going into Season 10, but there are still a few match-ups we haven’t seen nearly enough of or really at all. Give us scenes between Eddie and Henry (Len Cariou), Erin and Sean (Andrew Terraciano), Erin and Jack (Tony Terraciano), Frank and Sean, Frank and Jack, Danny and Nicky, and Nick, Jack, and Sean.

Marisa Ramirez in Blue Bloods - 'Past Tense'
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More interactions between Baez and the Reagan family

But we don’t need to (nor should we) see her at a family dinner. Those are sacred, and that shouldn’t change. That doesn’t mean we can’t see Baez (Marisa Ramirez) share scenes with members of the family in another way, whether she crosses paths with Erin, Jamie, or Eddie (or Frank or Henry) on the job, becomes friends with Eddie, or just so happens to be around when Danny is with one or both of his sons.

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Blue Bloods is entering its 10th season in the fall, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

And as the end of Season 8 showed, there are ways to mix things up, even with the show set to reach its 200th episode. After all, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) made the leap from being friends and partners to being engaged in the span of about five minutes of screen time.

While we don’t need to see anything as major as that in the new season, there are other ways to make the show feel fresh and some things that should always remain the same. Click through the gallery above to see our hopes for Season 10.

Blue Bloods, Season 10 Premiere, Friday, September 27, 10/9c, CBS