The 12 Biggest and Best ‘NCIS ‘Moments (PHOTOS)

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Top NCIS Moments

Hitting 300 episodes means NCIS has had a lot of big moments. There's the time Abby (Pauley Perrette) learned she had another brother. And the time when Ziva slipped into a slinky backless shift to sing Tom Waits' Temptation. There's also the time when felled NCIS head, Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly), went down in a blaze of glory. So to celebrate the show's milestone, we chose the 12 most shocking and memorable NCIS moments (so far). Hopefully, you'll agree with at least one or two of them.

Abby Rescues a Canine Suspect

Season 5, Episode 13

Free Jethro! Jethro the German Shepherd, that is. In "Dog Tags," Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team take on the case of a military dog handler who is found mutilated in his home. Their number one suspect? His pup. But bigger-than-big hearted forensic expert Abby (Pauley Perrette) doesn't buy it, and she sets out to prove the dog (which she names after Gibbs) isn't a killer. We, thus, get to see Abby outside of the lab in her spiffy red wheels—and without that black umbrella she uses, rain or shine. Plus, who doesn't love dogs?
Kate Dies 2

Caitlin Todd Dies

Season 2, Episode 23

Agent Caitlin Todd's death in the Season 2 finale, "Twilight," is explosive. And by that we mean the fans exploded in anger when Kate's (Sasha Alexander) brains explode all over Tony's face. After saving Gibbs's life, Kate is snuffed out by arch-terrorist, supreme turncoat and ace sniper Ari (Rudolf Martin), whose kill shot hits the middle of her forehead. But don't worry, Ari gets his... (see next slide)

Ari Is Killed by Ziva

Season 3, Episode 2

The two-part Season 3 opener follows the team's quest to take down Kate's murderer, Ari. Their biggest roadblock: His half-sister, Ziva (Cote de Pablo), who's also his Mossad handler. She refuses to believe that her brother is a double agent or that he put a bullet in Kate's head. That is, until she overhears Ari explaining his long life of hate and treachery to Gibbs (whom Ari's about to kill)...and she shoots him dead. And he such a pretty face for a heartless bastard...

Ducky Dates...a Psycho

Season 9, Episode 6

Ducky's (David McCallum) got a girl! In "Thirst," the senior medical examiner dates the wonderful Mary (Cheryl Ladd), whom he met online. She's beautiful. She's smart. She cooks. And she's killed half a dozen men "for" Ducky. He really does have a way with the ladies—or maybe someone showed her a photo of McCallum from his The Man from U.N.C.L.E. days.
Shabbat Shalom
Monty Brinton/CBS

Eli and Jackie Both Die in a Fatal Shootout

Season 10, Episode 11

Dinner parties can sometimes end in fights. The gathering above (from "Shabbat Shalom") ends in a firefight that kills both Ziva's father, Eli (MIcheal Nouri), and Vance's (Rocky Carroll) wife, Jackie (Paula Newsome). It's so gripping, you'll be pulling out your hair. And its so sad that you'll be crying your eyes out.

Tony Gets the Pneumonic Plague

Season 2, Episode 22

It's a federal offense to open other people's mail (which Tony does in "SWAK"). But it's also illegal to pack the envelope with powder containing the pneumonic plague. Tony breathes it in...and becomes very, very ill (hence the chapped lips). But being near death's door means we get to see how much Kate really cares for him. We also meet the coolest, cutest doctor in the military, the aptly-named Navy Commander Doctor Brad PItt (Steven Eckholdt).

Ducky and Jimmy Get Kidnapped

Season 10, Episode 16

Everyone needs a little time away from the office, which Ducky and Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) get in"The Detour." The pair are captured by possible murderers and are driven to a secluded cabin in the woods (in their own autopsy van)! Jimmy and Ducky's only weapon: a dead body, which can actually be quite useful in a life or death situation. Did you know stomach acid can burn through your flesh in seconds? Ouch.

Tony Saves Gibbs From Drowning

Season 5, Episode 7

There's nothing like an afternoon swim. Except when its purpose is to save your boss and a young girl from drowning inside a rapidly sinking car, which Tony is forced to do in "Requiem." And in a designer suit.
Past, Present, and Future

Tony and Ziva Finally(!) Kiss

Season 11, Episode 2

Tiva fans may be peeved over Cote de Pablo's abrupt exit from the series early in Season 11. But they do get to see a full-on super sexy farewell kiss between Ziva and Tony in her last episode, "Past, Present, and Future." It's a smooch to build a dream on.
Gut Check

Ellie Bishop Is Introduced

Season 11, Episode 9

Who could possibly fill Ziva's combat boots? "Gut Check" introduces NSA analyst Ellie Bishop. She couldn't be less like her predecessor (Ziva): She's fair, she's pensive and she's not attracted to Tony. (Ellie's also married. Well...she was.) Ellie eventually joins the team as the new probie, which means, yes, McGee finally graduated to being a proper agent. But he still get head slaps.
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Gibbs Get Shot...and Almost Dies

Season 12, Episode 24

We knew Gibbs wasn't going to die from the gunshot wounds he received in the Season 12 finale (Mark Harmon had already renewed his contract). But we had no idea that in the Season 13 opener, he becomes reluctant buddies with the garrulous doctor who treated him on an aircraft carriers hospital. Or that he'd grow his hair passed his ears. Also in this episode: Tony tracks down the terrorist who ordered Gibb's shooting...and kills him, of course.
ncis split screen
troian bellesario, michael weatherly, cote de pablo, ncis

McGee Proves His Sister's Innocence

Season 4, Episode 9

Two reveals, one show! "Twisted Sister" introduces us to McGee's college-aged sister (played by Murray's real-life stepsister Troian Bellesario, currently on Pretty Little Liars), who believes she may have murdered a classmate. We also learn that McGee moonlights as crime writer Thom E. Gemcity and his book, Deep Six, is very closely based on his experiences at "NSIA."
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