7 TV Characters We’d Want to Date on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day
New Girl

Jessica Day, New Girl

Her quirkiness is what got her on this list. She’s funny, awkward, and relatable to everyone, making her great company for Valentine’s Day.

This is Us

Randall Pearson, This Is Us

Randall always prioritizes his family above all else—he even takes care of his estranged biological father. He’d be a great date because he’d treasure and respect us, just as he does with wife Beth.

The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

A doctor who is funny, a snappy dresser, and a hopeless romantic? Mindy is the perfect person to go out with, either for street food in New York or a candlelit dinner.

Sex and the City
Getty Images

Aidan Shaw, Sex and the City

Aidan may not be Carrie Bradshaw’s pick, but he sure is ours. He’s a woodsy, simple man who can make furniture with his bare hands. Plus, he’s very in touch with his emotions. Did we also mention that he has a dog?


Monica Geller, Friends

She may be neurotic, but Monica would spend all day planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date. You would start the evening over a glass of her famous Tiki Death Punch before moving on to a multi-course feast because she couldn’t decide what to make. By the end of the night, she’d insist on cleaning up—what a dream!

Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t worry if you’re choking on your food during dinner because Dr. Jackson Avery can save you! He’s not only a very rich, very handsome, highly-esteemed plastic surgeon, but also a great dad to his daughter. He thrives under pressure and always bounces back from hardships. And how can you not swoon over a good-looking doctor with washboard abs?


Sarah Walker, Chuck

Armed and dangerous, Sarah is a great catch for anyone up for adventures and jetting around the world. She lives life on the edge as a secret spy, and a date with her would end in a story of a lifetime.

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Over the years, we’ve crushed, swooned, and maybe even fallen in love with TV characters.

From This Is Us to Friends, we’ve identified the TV boyfriends and girlfriends with the most potential for a Valentine’s Day date—from a romantic night out to a relaxing night in.

Click through the gallery above to see our picks.

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