Best Lines of the Week (October 5-12): 'Everyone Has Something to Hide'

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Bravo TV

The Real Housewives of Dallas (Bravo):

LeeAnne: “[It’s] like God saying, ‘I’m proud of you. LeeAnne, keep doing you, girl. You’re a good person.”

— LeeAnne Locken is crowned queen of an 80s-prom-themed fundraiser.

Kidding (Showtime)

Kidding (Showtime)

Jeff Pickles (Jim Carrey): “I have a tremendous amount of pent-up anger. And I don’t know where it’s coming from or how to stop it.”

—Jeff finally acknowledges to himself, and Vivian, the reason behind his recent behavior.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Modern Family (ABC)

Cam (Eric Stonestreet): “It was a pretty simple case because as I said, everyone has something to hide. Everyone. … Everyone.”

– Cam on Mitchell’s high-profile case as an assistant D.A.

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God Friended Me (CBS):

Cara (Violett Beane): “You know Miles, I think you’re looking at this whole God account thing wrong. I mean, why don’t you stop seeing it as a nuisance and see it for what it is?”

Miles (Brandon Michael Hall): “Which is what, ice cream lady?”

Cara: “Which is, if we find out who’s behind this account, that’ll make for an amazing story. And if it turns out to be God, greatest mystery of the universe solved. Win-win.”

–Cara tries to get Miles to see eye-to-eye with her about his connection with God.


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC):

“It was the weirdest night of my life.”

Timothée Chalamet tells Jimmy Fallon about his night at the Oscars.

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Maniac (Netflix)

Owen (Jonah Hill): “This is it! This is it.”

–In the closing scene of Maniac, Owen realizes that the escape fantasy that he described to Annie (Emma Stone) earlier in the season has come true.


American Horror Story: Apocalypse (FX)

Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy): “Have we learned nothing from Atilla the Hun? Herod the Great? Mark Zuckerberg?!”

–Myrtle calls Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) out for giving a man a shot at the Supremacy.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This is Us (NBC)

Kevin (Justin Hartley): “See, getting picked up from the airport isn’t so bad. You get some guy to carry your bags for you and get some baller flowers.”

Zoe (Melanie Liburd): “Baller?”

Kevin: “I regretted it the moment I said it.”

–Kevin tries some slang on Zoe.

Katie Yu/The CW

Riverdale (The CW):

Betty: “You don’t deserve this, Arch. Any of it.”

Archie: “What if I do?”

Veronica: “Archie, why would you say that?”

Archie: “Because I’m guilty! I didn’t kill Cassidy, but I left him alone with Andre. If I didn’t walk away, he might still be alive. And not just Cassidy, all of it … all of last year. I didn’t kill anyone, but I could have. I have to take responsibility for that.”

–Archie (K.J. Apa) gets real with his friends about the guilt he’s feeling in the wake of the trial.

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Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Owen (Kevin McKidd): “Mom? Mom, are you okay? What do you need?”

Evelyn (Debra Mooney): “Nothing, I’m not here to see you. I have a life Owen. Good Lord.”

– Owen gets frantic when he sees his mom at the hospital.

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