Best Lines of the Week (July 27-August 2): ‘We Face It Together. As Always.’

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Paul Drinkwater/NBC, Skip Bolen/The CW, Freeform/Philippe Bosse
When the Saints Go Marching In
Skip Bolen/The CW

The Originals (The CW)

Klaus: “What if there’s nothing after this, no peace, just darkness?”
Elijah: “We face it together. As always.”
Elijah (Daniel Gillies) comforts his brother in his worries about the afterlife, reassuring him that no matter what happens they’ll remain by each other’s side.

Making It - Season 1
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Making It (NBC)

Amy Poehler: “Here’s a pitch, we don’t send anybody home, we add somebody every week, we all stay here, we look at cool stuff, and we go to dinner.”
Amy channels her inner Leslie Knope in her reluctance to kick any of the contestants off her (and Nick Offerman’s) new crafting show.

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Patrick Harbron/AMC

Dietland (AMC)

Plum: “It felt like we were the still-beating heart of a body mistakenly left for dead.”
Plum (Joy Nash) on what it felt like to be physically in the presence of the Jennifer collective.

Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis - Roaming Show
Neilson Barnard/VMN18/Getty Images

Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis (Comedy Central)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “What a career: The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, The Whole Nine Yards, 12 Monkeys, zero Oscars.”
Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t hold back in his ~count~ of Bruce Willis’ lack of critical success.

The Dark Year
Robert Falconer/The CW

The 100 (The CW)

Clarke: “It’s simple. You may be the Commander, but I’m the Commander of Death. And I say, we will meet again.”
Clarke (Eliza Taylor) tells a worried Madi (Lola Flanery) that guiding the Wonkru warriors into battle won’t be the last they see of each other.

OITNB_Unit_00995_R copy

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

Crazy Eyes: “Navigating adult female friendships is so complicated!”
Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba) makes the understatement of the year.

Freeform/Philippe Bosse

The Bold Type (Freeform)

Jane: “Some days you wanna talk; other days you wanna get drunk and shove a bunch of olives in your mouth.”
Jane (Katie Stevens) explains how she’s feeling with all the drama surrounding her future.

The Sinner - Season 2
Peter Kramer/USA Network

The Sinner (USA)

Novack: “What kind of parents go on a trip and don’t pack for their kid?”
Novack (Natalie Paul) asks the question on everyone’s mind.

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Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Sharp Objects (HBO)

Richard: “Small town cop. Big time problems.”
Richard (Chris Messina) sums up Chief Vickery’s (Matt Craven) difficult situation.

ABC/Paul Hebert

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All (ABC)

Jordan: “If I wanna eat Cap’n Crunch and mix it with orange juice, I’ll do whatever I want.”
Jordan the Model, spewing more nonsense.

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