Baby Yoda Merchandise is the TV Gift That Keeps on Giving (PHOTOS)

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baby yoda goods gallery cover
Funko; Popsocket; Disney
Baby Yoda Animatronic
Dinsey Consumer Products/Lucasfilm

Life Like

While Baby Yoda isn’t something based in reality, fans can own their very own life-like version with Hasbro’s Animatronic Plush. Considering the extensive detailing and tech used to create the product, the toy comes in at $59.99 and is available to pre-order.

Baby Yoda Plush Toy
Disney Consumer Products/Lucasfilm

Soft Stuff

The Child Plush by shopDisney is the perfect snuggle buddy for fans who are fond of Baby Yoda’s quintessential cuteness. Available for pre-order, the cozy toy comes in at $24.99.

Baby Yoda Talking Toy
Disney Consumer Products/Lucasfilm

Talking Time

The Talking Plush by Hasbro is a little under 10 inches tall and makes sounds and comes with included accessories among which are the character’s soup cup and favorite snack — a frog. More affordable than a full-on animatronic, this toy is available for pre-order at $26.99.

Baby Yoda Necklace
Disney Consumer Products/Lucasfilm

Finer Things

If representing Baby Yoda through pretty accessories is your preferred merchandise than Rock Love’s Baby Yoda necklace is the perfect choice. Priced at $135.00, the jewelry is available on pre-sale.

baby yoda goods gallery 1


For Baby Yoda’s supporters, a nice t-shirt would be the perfect way for them to spread the joy brought on by the little green kid. Disney has a few options on their website including the two designs above. Both The Child and The Mandalorian tops come in at $24.95.

baby yoda goods gallery 2
Disney; Popsocket

Tech Support

Give your device a makeover with a brand new Baby Yoda phone cover from Disney ($34.95) and Popsocket ($15.00) for the ultimate tribute. Better yet, use them together for the biggest show of support.

baby yoda goods gallery 3

Toting About

When Baby Yoda’s there to lift you up, let him carry your things in this cute tote bag from Disney ($19.95).

baby yoda goods gallery 4


You may not be drinking blue milk, but the liquid vessels above are perfect for a sweet beverage hot or cold. The tumbler ($14.95) and mug ($16.95) are both available on Disney.

baby yoda goods gallery 8
Funko; Disney


If you’re looking for a Baby Yoda of your own or for a loved one, look no further than Funko’s Vinyl Bobble Head ($12.99) — it also comes in a supersized version ($29.99). Another option is the plush doll ($24.99) from Disney, but be forewarned, you’ll be waiting a while for any of these toys, as they’re currently only available through pre-order.

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The Mandalorian has made quite the impression on Disney+ subscribers with one character in particular.

The Child — or, as fans are calling him, Baby Yoda — has become a viral sensation, spawning various memes, jokes and more. But most can agree — the little guy is really cute.

The Mandalorian’s (Pedro Pascal) intended target has become an adorable sidekick that we can’t go on without. Since Baby Yoda has been the TV gift that keeps on giving even after Season 1, we’ve gathered some merchandise musts for super fans.

If you’re looking for a gift to give the Star Wars fan in your life or merely for yourself, click through the gallery above for a few good ideas.

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