‘Chicago P.D.’s Marina Squerciati on Burgess’ Adoption Decision: Ruzek’s Her ‘Ride or Die’ (VIDEO)

Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) makes a big decision in the May 5 episode of Chicago P.D. — who to name as the custodian in her adoption of Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams). As the episode’s preview reveals, she chooses ex-fiancé Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), despite the recent tension between the two. (Burgess questioned his actions after he had to shoot the man threatening his father.)

Squerciati admits to TV Insider that she wondered about Burgess’ choice, especially when her character has family members still kicking. “When I read it, I had to call the writers and [ask], ‘Are you sure? What about my sister? My mom and dad?’ They explained to me that they felt like the last time we saw my sister, she had suffered a lot of trauma and it doesn’t appear that we’re that close anymore. She hasn’t really figured into the show for me,” the star says. “And no matter what, Adam’s my ‘ride or die’ friend. I don’t think that that makes them any more a couple. I don’t think that their relationship is in a good place. I think just what it shows is that you can’t mess with Burgess and Ruzek. No matter what they’ll have each other’s backs, even when they hate each other.”

Speaking of Makayla, Burgess is now juggling being a mom with her job. “She’s excellent. She’s perfect. She’s never late,” Squerciati jokes. “It’s the balance that most working moms deal with. It’s a really hard dance to work and be a parent. There’s a couple of times where I show up late to work and [Sergeant] Voight [Jason Beghe] shoots me a look. It’s just a matter of doing everything 80 percent well. I don’t think — since I’m a mom — I get everything 100 percent right. I’m late. I sometimes have food at the bottom of my bag, like apple sauce on everything. You do the best you can.”

But Burgess is acing it on the job in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek at the May 5 episode. When she arrives at a crime scene, an officer tells her the victim was shot twice in the head, execution-style, then fell from the roof onto the car below. But she notices something that makes her think that isn’t quite right. Watch the clip above to see what she notices and her expert conclusion.

Marina Squerciati Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 13 Kim Burgess

Lori Allen/NBC

In May 5’s “Trouble Dolls,” the shocking murder of a young pregnant woman puts Intelligence on a desperate hunt for the killer — which reveals something way darker than they could have expected.

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