Inside Pride & Rita’s Wedding in the ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Series Finale (VIDEO)

There’s one last hurrah for NCIS: New Orleans before the eight-season Creole-flavored crime procedural says goodbye on May 23: the backyard wedding of Special Agent Dwayne Pride and lawyer Rita Devereaux (series star Scott Bakula and his real-life wife Chelsea Field, who said their vows in 2009).

“Getting married again was a blast!” Bakula tells us in the above video, filmed during the pair’s TV Guide Magazine shoot with photographer Randee St. Nicholas.

The onscreen ceremony is officiated by Pride’s bestie, Coroner Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder, who he’s worked with since Quantum Leap days) with a joyful NCIS team in attendance. But there’s no getting hitched without a hitch. There will be a final brush with danger. And this couple is ready for it. (Among other things, they survived the bombing of Pride’s bar, the Tru Tone, earlier this season.)

“[Pride and Rita] know that when something terrible happens, it’s not the end of the world and this is a moment in time and we’re going to get through it,” Field says.

Check out the video to hear the actors discuss the similarities between Pride/Rita and Scott/Chelsea; Bakula’s tribute to the Crescent City, where he spent seven years shooting on location; and his heartfelt, touching thank-you to fans.

NCIS New Orleans, Series Finale, Sunday, May 23, 10/9c, CBS