‘American Idol’s Avalon Young Is Still Making Music Through Her Brain Cancer Battle

avalon young american idol
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Avalon Young made a splash on American Idol during the show’s 15th season (the series’ last on Fox). Despite the rigors of competition back in 2016, it’s the challenge she faces now that is her biggest yet: Young is battling brain cancer.

After doctors discovered a tumor, Young had a 16-hour surgery in February to remove a portion of the peach-sized mass. Pathology reports revealed the tumor is cancerous and as Young prepares to undergo brain surgery once more this spring, a GoFundMe page is helping her reach that medical goal.

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Despite the years that have passed since Young enchanted viewers with covers of tunes like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” and Chris Brown’s “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” on the Idol stage (she made the Top 8), she’s still feeling fans’ support. “American Idol was an incredible experience because I feel like my fans are really more like family. They stood by me through every tour, every release, everything I’ve ever done musically, and they’re still here for this?! It blows my mind,” the 26-year-old tells TV Insider.

“All the love I’m receiving is insane but at the same time, how could I be surprised, they’ve always shown love and I know that won’t change,” she adds. “My love for them is just as strong as the love they give me on a daily basis. Family.”


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While Young prepares for her second major surgery, she’s keeping busy with her music and is dropping a new single, “She Don’t,” on April 30. “I’m so excited for everyone to hear it,” she says, adding that it has a “super R&B energy, which I love.

“My team and I actually have composed an entire EP to drop before my next surgery, so working on it has been really exciting because I love everyone I work with and they have all been so supportive of what I’m going through mentally and physically,” she continues. “I really think this is the best body of work I’ve ever created.”


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Stay up to date with Young’s music on social media and visit her GoFundMe page for updates on her cancer battle.