‘Notorious Queens’: Meet the Truly Infamous Women in AllBlk’s New Reality Series (VIDEO)

AMC’s streamer AllBlk is making way for four infamous women in its new reality series, Notorious Queens.

The new series, launching April 1, features Stormey Ramdhan, Tonesha “Toni” Welch, La’Britney, and Mehgan James, whose infamy has come in part from their former famous partners. They come to lean on each other as they embrace new experiences in love, business, and beyond, and TV Insider has your exclusive first look at one of their first group gatherings. Of course, there is plenty of drama.

In the clip above, Toni, nicknamed “the first lady” of the Black Family Mafia, a national drug ring — and who spent time in prison for drug laundering — is eyeing former Basketball Wives‘ star Mehgan (then in a relationship with Kedrick Brown), trying to remember where she’d met her before. Turns out, it was, where else, at a basketball game.

“She gave me this vibe that’s like, you know, ‘I’m out here just trying to get this money, and I don’t care about nothing else. I’m beautiful and I’m just gonna get this money,'” Toni recalls in a testimonial. But Stormey, who’s had two children with former Death Row CEO Suge Knight (who’s in prison), feels warmer toward Mehgan when they learn about her lack of family connections and self-proclaimed “black sheep” label.

Notorious Queens AllBlk


“They don’t understand my hustle,” Mehgan explains about her family.

Stormey knows a thing or two about being misunderstood. “I try to not let that define me,” Stormey says of her life with Knight.

Meanwhile, La’Britney, an R&B singer and a former star on Love & Hip-Hop, stays on the fringes in the clip, but she’s sure to get more time in during the full episode. Tune in for her, and the other women, to see what they’re up to — this is one reality show you won’t want to miss.

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