‘9-1-1’ & ‘Lone Star’ in 2021: The 7 Most Romantic Moments So Far (VIDEO)

Ronen Rubinstein and Rafael Silva in 911 Lone Star - Season 2 - TK and Carlos
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Yes, we love all the extreme rescues and medical calls on 9-1-1 in Los Angeles, California, and its Lone Star spinoff in Austin, Texas, but we also adore the personal relationships of these heroes, despite (or maybe because of?) the drama that tends to permeate them.

From a reunion in the middle of quarantine to an honest conversation about the future to flirty banter just before everything crashes down, the first eight episodes of each of the first responder dramas in 2021 had plenty to make us smile … even if one of the relationships didn’t last.

Here, we recap some of the most romantic moments of both shows this season so far.

Heroes at Home and Work (9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2, Episode 1)

The new paramedic captain, Tommy Vega (Gina Torres), is back on the job after her husband Charles’ (Derek Webster) restaurant went under due to the pandemic. So, while she’s adjusting to being back at work, he’s taking care of the kids at home. “You’re my hero, you know that,” she tells him. “You’re the one who’s climbing up a tower, getting shot at,” he points out. Sure, their romantic moment is interrupted by some ill-timed guests (Jim Parrack’s Judd and Sierra McClain’s Grace stopping by to celebrate Tommy’s first day back in uniform), but we already knew we loved the Vegas by the end of their first episode.

Second Chances (… Ouch!) (9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2, Episode 1)

OK, so Captain Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) and his ex-wife Gwyneth (Lisa Edelstein) don’t manage to make it work in the end. (She’s having her ex’s baby, not Owen’s.) But back before all the drama goes down, they’re happy reconnecting … to the point that he stops her from returning to New York at the end of the premiere. “I’m not ready for you to go,” he admits.

“This could end in homicide,” she worries. “It could,” he agrees, “but how many times are we going to get a second chance at the best relationship of our lives?”  Talk about a rom-com worthy line!

Home Sweet Home (9-1-1, Season 4, Episode 2)

Firefighter Chimney (Kenneth Choi) begins the season quarantined away from pregnant girlfriend Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), too worried about the state of the world. But after dealing with some wild calls on the job, he comes home to her and seeing her in person makes the pregnancy very “real.”

“Maybe what needs to change is me. You make me so happy, you and this baby,” he says when she notes the world is the same as it was when he moved out. “Maybe a little too happy because I’ve been so worried that something terrible is going to happen. … I got scared, I’m so sorry.”

A Little TLC After a Rough Day (9-1-1, Season 4, Episode 2)

Who takes care of the one who takes care of everyone else during a pandemic? Michael (Rockmond Dunbar) is there to turn on the shower, throw laundry in the washing machine, and put out dinner for his boyfriend, David (La Monde Byrd), when the doctor comes home from work. They may be one of the show’s newest couples, but this sequence alone would have made us fall in love with them (if we weren’t already, from when they met last season).

Love and Honesty (9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2, Episode 4)

One of Lone Star‘s fan-favorite couples hits a bit of a snag when police officer Carlos (Rafael Silva) awkwardly introduces his boyfriend, firefighter-turned-paramedic T.K. (Ronen Rubinstein) as his “friend” to his parents. “It made me feel insecure about our relationship and what I mean to you,” T.K. admits later.

Carlos explains that while he’s out to his parents, they never talk about it. “I want you to know I am fully on board,” his boyfriend assures him. “You can tell your parents I’m your friend, your colleague, your personal shopper. I don’t care, OK? As long as you need.” Is it any wonder we love their relationship?

Curse, What Curse? (9-1-1, Season 4, Episode 6)

Firefighter Eddie (Ryan Guzman) reconnects with his son’s teacher, Ana (Gabrielle Walsh), when he runs into her on a call and eventually asks her out. “How’d that day from hell turn our?” she asks on their date, referring to when the 118 thought they were cursed after a series of wild calls, all stemming from a probie’s use of the word “quiet.”

“I’m starting to think it turned out pretty good,” he tells her. Sure, it’s a little corny when they laugh over telling their server “no coffee” and “jinx,” but it’s a nice bit of levity.

Baby Banter (9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 2, Episode 8)

It may not be as romantic as Judd declaring he’d walk through fire to make sure Grace knows how much he loves her, but we absolutely adore the couple’s banter about having kids — they’re not going to dance their way out of that conversation with his dad this time — and his gray hair … until the crash.

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