The GOAT of Sports Photography Captures the Greatest Athletes in New ESPN Series (VIDEO)

Who better to capture the greats than a great himself?

ESPN’s new three-part documentary GOATs: The Greatest of All Time (premiering March 7) celebrates the greatest athletes of all time through the work of perhaps the greatest sports photographer of all time, Walter Iooss Jr., and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek.

“All the great athletes are assassins,” Iooss says in the clip. “Michael [Jordan]’s kingdom, of course, was on the court, and all athletes, I think, are most comfortable when they’re with their teammates.”

Watch the video above for more, alongside images of Jordan on the court.

“All these GOATS are larger than life, built on these formidable public personas,” Kevin Kaufman, director and executive producer of GOATS: The Greatest of All Time, tells TV Insider. “If you want to discover who they really are, far from the adulation, and gain a sense of their humanity, humor and literal dreams, watch this series.”

This documentary takes a look at Iooss’ half-century plus career of capturing the world’s most iconic athletes, which started when he was 17 years old photographing Roger Maris’s 61st home run. He has since photographed every Super Bowl and many of the greatest moments in baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, the Olympics, and boxing over his career. He has also collaborated on photo books with Jordan, Ken Griffey, Jr., Arnold Palmer, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, and others.

The series also includes interviews with Kobe Bryant, Montana, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, Chris Evert, Griffey, Jr., Jack Nicklaus, Caroline Wozniacki, and Kelly Slater.

GOATs: The Greatest of All Time, Documentary Premiere, Sunday, March 7, 8/7c, ESPN