‘The Unicorn’ Star Walton Goggins Teases an ‘Off the Rails’ Season 2 Finale

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Cory Osborne/CBS

“I’ll tear up right now talking about it,” says Walton Goggins. The actor is as sad as we are that The Unicorn‘s Wade, already a year into being a widower when we met him on this heartfelt comedy, has now, it seems, lost new love Shannon (Natalie Zea).

The reason: simply the reality of being two single parents in a long-distance relationship. “It’s about timing,” he says. “More importantly, that’s what it means to think about the people around you before you think about yourself.”

As the March 18th Season 2 finale begins, Wade’s most opinionated friend, Delia (Michaela Watkins), suggests he speak to a therapist. But when he gets angry with himself for overreacting to a situation involving Shannon, he chooses another route: “He decides to forego his normal state of anxiety and second-guessing and live in the moment,” teases Goggins. “He leaves a wake of havoc in this decision and where he lands at the end of the season.”

Expect laughs every step of the way, as when Wade bumps into his widows’ group fling Caroline (Betsy Brandt). Plus, slick developer Trey (Rob Riggle) throws a party to celebrate the grand opening of his new hotel — and he wants to hire landscape architect Wade again.

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Cory Osborne/CBS

Also, Delia inadvertently enters therapy herself. Realizing the depth of her control issues, the pediatrician vows to let go a bit and give her friends room to make their own mistakes. “It’s so funny,” Goggins promises. “When it goes off the rails, it really goes off the rails.”

The Unicorn, Season finale, Thursday, March 18, 9:30/8:30c, CBS