‘9-1-1’ Sneak Peek: Michael Has a New ‘Rear Window’-esque Hobby & Athena Has an Opinion (VIDEO)

Who needs a TV when you can spy on your neighbors?

That’s what Michael Grant (Rockmond Dunbar) is up to in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the March 1 episode of 9-1-1, “There Goes the Neighborhood.” But what does ex-wife (and LAPD sergeant) Athena (Angela Bassett) think of his new hobby?

Michael has done a bit of renovating — “Now that I’m home more, I felt like it would be too dark in here, so I want to just blow it out and bring in some more light,” he explains — and he doesn’t have to worry about the Home Owners’ Association’s approval since he’s president now.

As for the telescope that he sets up in different windows, that’s his “other new hobby: spying on the neighbors,” their son, Harry (Marcanthonee Jon Reis), informs his mother. “Who knew that people watching could be better than TV?” Michael offers as an explanation.

And his hobby turns into a bit of amateur detective work after he notices strange behavior in one of the apartments, and enlists both Athena and her husband Bobby’s (Peter Krause) help.

911 Season 4 Episode 7 Chimney Vic Trapped

Jack Zeman / Fox

Watch the clip above to “meet” some of the neighbors he has his eye on, find out his nicknames for them, and see what Athena thinks.

Plus, also in the episode the 118’s calls include a man pinned under a Humvee, and a garage band that rocks out too hard. On the more personal front, Hen’s (Aisha Hinds) mom not only shows up for a surprise visit, but also announces she’s moving to Los Angeles, and Buck’s (Oliver Stark) attempt to start dating again ends in disaster.

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