‘She’s the Boss’ Business Guru Nicole Walters on Letting the Cameras Capture Her Family (VIDEO)

The new docuseries She’s the Boss, premiering February 25 on USA, takes us into the lives of ambitious entrepreneur Nicole Walters — a social media star who quit a six-figure sales job to run her own online business training program — and her family: husband Josh, a stay-at-home lawyer; their three adopted daughters; and her executive assistant and best friend, Eddie.


Walters shares with TV Insider what it’s like to have a camera capturing their family dynamics — “I have to say I’m sorry a lot,” she tells us — how you can’t really have it all, and more. Also, be sure to watch the exclusive sneak peek to see how Eddie’s dual role sometimes leads to conflict.

Why this series?

Nicole Walters: We live in a time where it sometimes can feel like things are polarizing. We’re all trying to figure out what exactly is going on with our neighbor. I wanted to show a family that may look a little different from your or came together in a different way but ultimately are people you can relate to and laugh at and see bits of your own family in. That’s really uplifting.

What did you want to show when it comes to balancing family and career?

That I don’t! [Laughs] Right now so many working mothers are taking on additional roles in their homes and it’s just really great to be able to show people, “Look, you can be super successful and not get any of it right, still mess things up, still have to have these talks with the kids and deal with boyfriends, cars, and college and just do the best you can — with laughs and love.”

Nicole Josh Krissy She's the Boss

Annette Brown/USA Network

What threw you off the most in letting in the cameras?

I really like structure, and TV is not that. I like to have things planned and in control and, just like parenting, things are going to be out of control and sometimes you gotta let it.

And have you learned more about your family?

I just thought we were regular, normal people until the camera guys would be laughing while filming, and I’m like, “What? We’re just having breakfast.” I think my family learned I have to say “I’m sorry” a lot more often than I wish I had to.

Josh Nicole Eddie She's the Boss

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You have to balance professional and personal relationships with Eddie, which isn’t always easy.

The biggest challenge is he’s still young, so whenever he does something I’m trying to figure out “Is this that he doesn’t understand the work? Is this that he thinks it falls in the family? Or is this that he’s 24 and just acting 24?” Then I have to teach, coach, and train according to those different things.

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but Eddie worked with us for years before a camera showed up. It’s tough because more and more the lines are getting blurred and it’s harder to get him to pick up a mop and put down my wigs.

Is there anything you were especially happy to have caught on camera?

All the times that I got something wrong with my kids and sat down and apologized to them. I’m really glad we got that so they can use that in therapy because these kids are not going to sit here and say I didn’t try. “Here is evidence, your mother’s a good mother, there you go, unpack it.” [Laughs]

She’s the Boss, Series Premiere, Thursday, February 25, 10:30/9:30c, USA