‘Ginny & Georgia’ Stars Talk on Moms & Daughters, From Dueling Dynamic to the Ties That Bind (VIDEO)

There’s nothing like a fresh start for the trouble-attracting 30-year-old mother Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey, The Passage) and her two kids, 15-year-old Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her younger brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca). But as Ginny will be quick to tell you, she’s experienced more than one “fresh start” with her mother and is not thrilled to start over once again in New England.

That’s where things begin for the YA series, Ginny & Georgia — also stars Jennifer Robertson (Schitt’s Creek), Raymond Ablack (Narcos), Felix Mallard (Happy Together), and Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) — dropping February 24 on Netflix.

As the series moves along, both Ginny and Georgia both try to find ways to fit in, and to attract more than a few of the local men. And while Ginny is often the more mature of the two, Ginny also does her best to be a shoulder for her daughter (and Austin) to lean on when needed. Of course, Georgia may need more support than her kids when a mysterious past (which we’ll see play out in flashbacks) threatens their latest fresh start.

TV Insider grabbed some time with stars Howey and Gentry to find out more about the relationship, and the mystery threaded throughout the first season.

Ginny & Georgia, Season 1, Premieres February 24, Netflix