‘When Calls The Heart’ Star Kevin McGarry Says Nathan Is Finally Ready to Commit

When Calls the Heart, Kevin McGarry

There’s nothing like a good TV love triangle, but the one between schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) and her two suitors, businessman Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry), is coming to a (supposed) end on Hallmark’s drama hit, When Calls the Heart.

Since the sixth season, the widowed mother of little Jack has been drawn to the two viable choices. But who Elizabeth chooses and how she arrives at that decision is what the Hearties are waiting to find out when the eighth season kicks off Sunday, February 21.

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'When Calls the Heart' Stars Tease a 'Roller Coaster' in Season 8 (VIDEO)

Will the widowed teacher in the Hallmark drama go with team Nathan, or team Lucas?

In a recent interview, Krakow shared that her character faced a difficult decision, but that she’s found a great love. TV Insider talked to McGarry to get his take on the love triangle and what else is coming for Hope Valley’s favorite Mountie.

Where do Nathan and Elizabeth stand at the start of Season 8?

Kevin McGarry: Without giving too much away, I’ll say that Nathan’s near-death experience at the end of Season 7 has given him a more focused and direct outlook. He’s ready to commit to what he wants.

Nathan’s been very patient in terms if his relationship with Elizabeth. Is that still the case?

I don’t know if “patience” is the right word. Over the past two seasons, Nathan has been quite reserved in his interactions with Elizabeth, and many fans of the show have equated it to shyness. In Season 8 we dig very deep in the Elizabeth Nathan saga and uncover what’s been behind that behavior.

Nathan wants the adoption of Allie to get moving. Are there any obstacles you can tease?

There’s definitely one in the first episode of the season, and an even bigger one that sort of snowballs throughout, both having to do with Nathan’s past, and one affecting Elizabeth’s life.

When Calls The Heart, Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry

Allie’s growing up; will we see that reflected in some of her stories in the new season?

Yes. It’s one of my favorite relationships to play on the show — a man trying to raise a little girl to be a woman, and a little girl teaching him what it means to be a man.

Who is Nathan’s go-to person this season when he needs to really talk?

If not Allie, then Bill. The two of them become closer this season. It’s been fun to see the dynamic of these characters progress as they begin to trust each other more. However, unfortunately for Nathan, whether the advice is coming from Allie or Bill it’s sure to be blunt and to the point. No room to spare feelings.

Nathan and Lucas are always cordial to each other, but do you think they could ever be good friends?

If we get picked up for Season 9, ask me then!

When Calls the Heart, Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry

What’s it like riding a horse during shooting? Is it fun, or are there challenges?

A solid mix of exciting and exhausting. I mean, getting to gallop around on a horse saving the day is a dream! It’s the stories we were told as children. But when you’re sweating buckets under a heavy Serge in the summer heat, your hat keeps flying back from the wind, and your horse sometimes does what he’s supposed to do and you’ve only got 20 minutes before they move to the next shot, it can get to be a lot. But I wouldn’t trade it.

Fans are dying to find out who Elizabeth chooses. Are you?

I think it’s time. I think that the relationship between Elizabeth and Jack was so special that it wouldn’t make sense to jump to another suitor so quickly. She needed a season to mourn, a season to grow, and now a season to open herself up again. And you never know what might happen in the future. I think the show’s proven that anything can happen in Hope Valley.

Here’s an on location featurette for the season 8 premiere of When Calls the Heart:

When Calls the Heartseason premiere, Sunday, February 21, 9/8c, Hallmark