Dan Levy Is Hosting ‘SNL’! To Celebrate, His 8 Best ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Moments

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Oh my GodSchitt’s Creek‘s Emmy Award-winning star Dan Levy is hosting Saturday Night Live on February 6!

Levy, who created the smash series alongside his father, Eugene Levy, has had many amazing moments playing the iconic-sweater wearer, uptight business owner David Rose on the riches-to-rags sitcom. February 6 marks the actor’s first time hosting the NBC sketch series (musical guest will be Phoebe Bridgers), and SNL, known to poke fun at their hosts’ pasts, will have to make a few Schitt’s Creek references, right? At least, we hope so.

Below, a look at 8 of our absolute favorite David Rose moments in anticipation of his big night.

David Likes the Wine, Not the Label

This Season 1, Episode 10 scene in which David and a confused Stevie (Emily Hampshire) are shopping for wine is a moment that everyone should watch. David comparing his pansexuality to someone liking the wine, not the label, is beautiful, and one of many reasons this show was so quickly and wholeheartedly embraced by the LGBTQIA+ community.

You Fold in the Cheese Then!’

In Season 2, David making enchiladas with his mother Moira (Catherine O’Hara) — neither of whom are equipped to be in a kitchen — is one of the series’ most hilarious moments. As the two high-maintenance Roses try to discern what it means to “fold in” the cheese, their argument proves that recipe instructions can always be a little bit clearer.

David Learns to Ride a Bike

David and his sister Alexis (Annie Murphy) certainly didn’t have an average childhood, so Alexis teaching her brother how to ride a bike during adulthood, shortly after learning herself, showcases the truly precious bond to come between the siblings. Even if David is totally grouchy about the whole thing.

David Calling Patrick

New beginnings are rough, and David’s amusing voicemails to Patrick (Noah Reid) asking for help when he nervously acquires the building that later becomes Rose Apothecary are worth a rewatch. It’s amazing to look back and see how far the two lovebirds have come since this Season 3 moment.

‘You are my Mariah Carey’

This Season 4 scene is Peak David Rose — not only because he is trying to offload emotional and physical labor onto Patrick, but because when the latter drops the couple’s very first “I love you,” David’s avoidance of genuine connection, but clear mutual love for his boyfriend, reaches a new high of hilarity. Bonus points: Mariah Carey herself retweeted this clip, to the sheer delight of Levy.

The Gesture

While Patrick serenading David at the town’s coffee house is one of the series’ sweetest bits, David’s lip-synching of Tina Turner to Patrick in Season 4 was a huge, surprising turning point for his character. David breaking out of his comfort zone, for this majorly romantic gesture, while the two were in a fight is, simply put, a great moment. Check it out at the :50 mark, alongside Levy’s commentary.

David Brings Stevie to the House Patrick Wants to Buy

David, who envisioned himself as a lifelong New Yorker, faces the emotional obstacle of committing to a lovely, small house and an equally lovely human being…and possibly giving up on his “big dreams.”

David and Patrick’s Wedding Vows

If you didn’t shed a tear during this Season 6 moment, you may want to make sure you’re still alive. This is really a great scene for everyone, but David’s tearful vows (beginning around the 2:30 mark) show just how much his character truly evolved throughout the series from an angry elitist to someone capable of feeling true love.

Daniel Levy hosts Saturday Night Live on February 6, NBC.
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