‘A Wild Year On Earth’: Soar High With Hawks & Dive Deep With Manta Rays in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

A Wild Year on Earth BBC America
Northern Pictures /BBCA

Nature lovers rejoice because BBC America’s kicking off a new six-part series following wildlife from around the globe in A Wild Year On Earth.

Narrated by Downton Abbey‘s Laura Carmichael, the show is part of the network’s weekly programming event Wonderstruck, which celebrates the elegance and power of our planet. In two exclusive sneak peek clips, A Wild Year On Earth is taking viewers to great heights and depths on our planet with the manta ray and fire hawks.

In the premiere installment, “The Year Begins,” animals from various locales endure extreme conditions across the Earth. Viewers will see how they react to their environments and adapt to the seasons.

As the show carries on, viewers are shown how creatures are connected to the Earth’s seasonal patterns. And in the sneak peek clip, above, you can see how brush fires affect the hawks in their dry environment.

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In the segment below, the manta rays flow through the water like magic carpets as they adapt to converging with other species of sea creatures. Don’t miss the full premiere episode on BBC America, and catch more jaw-dropping moments from nature as the show airs each week.

A Wild Year On Earth, Series Premiere, Saturday, January 23, 8/7c, BBC America