’90 Day Fiancé’: Guilt Trip (RECAP)

Yara, 90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

What does one pack for a guilt trip? According to Natalie, a broomstick (literally) and a ringless finger. For Andrew, he prefers to wallow in a luxury resort, while Zied suavely flies in with an apathetic arrival. It seems this trip is a one-stop ticket to solitude.

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Diets & Closets

In Sequim, Washington, Natalie plays the supportive housewife for the first time in her life. She coos that Mike had “such a long, hard week” as she makes breakfast. There’s no French toast here: Natalie chops up a fruit salad while she explains Mike must love her since he took her to the waterfall last week.

“Right now I feel like we have hope,” Natalie tells the camera. “I don’t know, I try.” Yet she’s still not unpacked or settled in. She requests a new dresser instead of sharing a closet.

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


Then Natalie backhand compliments Mike further by saying he’s looking great after starting his diet. “I see that you are serious about the diet and you will look gorgeous,” she smiles as they cheers. “I need to put [on] some more weight and you need to lose some more weight, so chin chin!”

Mike urges Natalie to acclimate to their new living situation and compromises by giving her drawer space in their current bureau. Of course Natalie starts pointing out “a strange smell” in the closet and pushes for her own room instead of just getting an air freshener like a normal person.

“It’s a pity Mike doesn’t have time to make me more comfortable,” Natalie confesses.

Uneasy Departures

After being with Yara for two weeks, Jovi packs to leave for work. She is still reeling after their fight the previous evening, about Jovi being absent for Yara’s miscarriage.

“I feel horrible. If I had known things would play out the way they did, I would have stayed with her,” Jovi opens up in a confessional. “It sucks, but I have a flight to catch. I have to go to work.”

Yara and Jovi, 90 Day Fiancé


Yara rides with Jovi to the airport. She clarifies that she’s not mad but just is upset that he is leaving. “I remember and I start to cry,” Yara admits. Jovi is worried that she will be alone; even his mother is an hour away, so Yara will be pretty isolated in New Orleans.

The engaged couple kiss at the airport, and Jovi officially starts his month away from his fiancé.

Trouble in Paradise

Speaking of airports, it seems Amira is still detained in Mexico. Her love Andrew, meanwhile, is enjoying his resort stay. “This view depresses me because Amira was supposed to be here to share it with me,” Andrew fakes tears while overlooking a stunning pool that looks out over a crystal blue ocean.

Andrew in Mexico, 90 Day Fiancé


Andrew FaceTimes his mother and sister to break the news. “I knew the risk but I was optimistic. I was hopeful,” Andrew admires his own blissful ignorance. “I always thought that even if she was rejected at the Mexican border, she would just be on a plane back to France. I have to figure out how to overcome this next obstacle…Each day that ticks away brings us closer to the expiration date of her via.”

Ulterior Arrivals

Back in Atlanta, Rebecca prepares for Zied’s arrival. Her daughter Tiffany and her boyfriend plan on going with Rebecca to the airport to pick up Zied, but that makes Rebecca nervous. “I didn’t know they would want to ride in the same car with us,” Rebecca tells the camera, hoping for alone time with her fiancé. “Clearly Tiffany and Micah have ulterior motives with this, and I kind of feel like they are acting like our chaperones.”

Tiffany does admit in a confessional that she’s worried about Zied’s intentions, after Rebecca previously was heartbroken by her Moroccan ex. Tiffany’s boyfriend Micah has more of a cultural bent in his curiosity of Zied.

Rebecca, 90 Day Fiancé


The tense trio head to the airport in anticipation of Zied’s plane landing. “This time it’s not a vacation. It’s real,” Rebecca anxiously says.

New Family

Hazel settles in to Tarik’s house. She learns that Tarik’s daughter Ari sleeps in his bed when she’s there, and Hazel rightfully is uneasy about how that arrangement will affect their intimacy. Tarik is extremely nervous for Hazel to meet Ari and especially to see how she adjusts to parenting a child with autism.

“Ari and Tarik are very close, and I’m worried I won’t fit into their relationship,” Hazel confesses to the camera.

Hazel and Auri, 90 Day Fiancé


Ari is shy after arriving, but quickly she and Hazel hug. “I’m overwhelmed that Ari and Hazel are just like embracing each other. It’s like they know each other already,” Tarik proudly states. “I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

The adorable family is missing one more: Hazel’s son, who is still in the Philippines. Tarik is still concerned that Hazel will have trouble adjusting to Ari, especially with the level of patience needed. “Establishing a new relationship with a child with special needs — while she’s away from Harry, her son — is probably going to be tough,” Tarik says in a confessional.

You’ve Got Voicemails

Stephanie still can’t reach her 27-year-old fiancé Ryan. Even though she was planning on traveling to Belize to be with him, the international border is still not open. Plus, Ryan doesn’t even have a date yet for his K-1 visa interview.

“It’s so important that I go to Belize because not seeing Ryan for months, we’ve definitely lost a connection,” Stephanie explains. “I feel like we’re growing further and further apart.”

Stephanie, 90 Day Fiancé


Stephanie paces and leave Ryan multiple voicemails before settling into bed and feeding her sick cat over the sheets. “There’s only so much more we can take. We’re hanging on by a thread right now, and that thread is going to break any f**king second. Son of a b**ch,” she curses.

“Dirty Hands”

Natalie sweeps the kitchen while complaining about removing her fake nails (“it was painful for me, I loved my nails a lot”) because now her hands are covered in dirt on the daily.

“America is all about hard work,” the burgeoning housewife utters. “I have nothing to do except clean.”

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


Natalie does find time to FaceTime her nagging mother (gee, wonder where she got it from) and discuss her non-existent wedding plans. Natalie still doesn’t have her engagement ring back from Mike, and she anxiously wants to wear it because it “represents her status” to receive a visa. How romantic.

New Suave Look

Finally Zied appears at baggage claim. A giddy Rebecca hugs the glow-up Zied, who is apparently too cool now to show real emotions.

Rebecca and Zied, 90 Day Fiancé


“He seems pretty nonchalant,” Tiffany tells the camera. Micah echoes that they thought he would be more enthusiastic about being with Rebecca.

The Long Hello

In Mexico, Andrew pursues his “two leads” for immigration centers. While donning his Sam Spade alter-ego, this preschool teacher finds his real purpose: Googling to feign concern while at a beautiful hotel.

Andrew, 90 Day Fiancé


Then, Andrew speaks with Amira’s father. He awkwardly compliments his future in-law’s shirt and tie, before admitting he’s in Puerto Vallarta without Amira. Neither of them have heard from her. Amira’s father starts crying and tells Andrew that he always knew their plan wouldn’t work.

Friends & Family

Tarik cooks up BBQ and cornbread for Hazel. His friends are coming over for a small party to celebrate her arrival, and she hopes to make a good impression.

Tarik’s pals bring presents for Hazel, including new clothes. “It’s the first time receiving a gift from a friend. My friends in the Philippines never had enough money to do that,” Hazel tells the camera in awe.

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Hazel playfully asks if Tarik “used to be crazy,” and his friends joke that they used to party every night. Tarik confirms he had a wild past.

The party asks about Hazel’s son and comfort her as she almost starts crying. “I want to be her rock,” Tarik says. But he hasn’t told her about being in contact with their ex Minty, and Tarik is worried that it might be too much for her to accept.

Psycho Sarah

Yara meets up with Jovi’s friend Sarah to get manicures. Sarah, of course, also has another agenda: She wants to find out just how well Yara knows Jovi. That includes asking about whether Yara will have a child soon. It seems she doesn’t know about the miscarriage, and if she does, her question is even more cruel.

Yara opens up about wanting to start a career in the cosmetics industry. She jokes that if she becomes a successful makeup artist, Jovi won’t have to work so far away. Sarah takes this literally and tells the camera that she’s uncertain whether Yara is a good match for Jovi.

Jovi's Friend Sarah, 90 Day Fiancé


“I know the Jovi before Yara and he was always out having a good time until 3 a.m., drunk,” Sarah tells Yara. “How do you feel about strip clubs? Jovi used to be a regular at one of the ones down here. He knew all the strippers and he’d sleep with them.” Does Sarah have to be such a jerk?

“I don’t know why Sarah tells me all these bad things about Jovi. Maybe for her it’s just funny,” Yara says in a confessional. “I know Jovi from a different side, so did I lie to myself? Was I just not paying attention?”

Blues Brothers

Rebecca and Zied laughably keep their shades on while in the backseat of the car with Tiffany and Micah. Zied is busy taking videos of downtown Atlanta to send to his friends and family back in Tunisia. Rebecca finds Tiffany’s presence awkward and says she just wants to kiss Zied.

Zied and Rebecca, 90 Day Fiancé


They arrive at a restaurant-bar to have dinner. Rebecca’s affection for Zied is obvious, but Tiffany still remains skeptical. She starts asking Zied what his plans are to find a job after getting married. Rebecca speaks for Zied, saying that he took classes for HVAC and plumbing repair.

“I’m kind of frustrated. It’s completely unfair for them to be putting him on the spot right now and drawing comparisons to my ex,” Rebecca defends Zied to the camera. She finally tells daughter Tiffany to back off and trust her.

Just Call It Off

Stephanie practices her hula hooping to ease the anxiety surrounding Ryan’s absence. Finally, he picks up after Stephanie’s 14 phone calls.

“You know I’ve been here in the resort working my a** off every day. And every other day you’d call me and b**ch about something,” Ryan snaps at Stephanie. He also doesn’t seem to care that the Belize borders are still closed.

Ryan, 90 Day Fiancé


Stephanie holds the fact that she sends him money and clothes, but Ryan tells her he doesn’t need any of those things. “You know what makes me happy? When I’m making my own money, when I’m working,” Ryan stands up for himself. He still doesn’t know that Stephanie pays his salary at the resort. This fact makes Stephanie gloat in a morbid way, adding to her own self-worth.

Ryan tells her that he has a “sweet plan” regarding how to get to the U.S. Stephanie accuses him of just wanting to come to America to date more women, when in fact she’s the only one that has cheated in their relationship — with Ryan’s cousin, no less!

Stephanie, 90 Day Fiancé


“If you don’t want to come here, I can call the embassy and cancel everything,” Stephanie threatens. Ryan calls her bluff and challenges her to follow through with her word.

“If we’re going to end it, we need to end it in person,” Stephanie concludes. “Or we decide we hang tough until this coronavirus is over and he comes to the U.S. and we give it a shot for 90 days. He and I need to see each other or this relationship is not going to work.”

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Talk next week!

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