‘Right Now Kapow’ Brings Hyperactive Animated Sketch Comedy Back to TV (VIDEO)

Right Now Kapow
Warner Bros. Animation
Right Now Kapow

Since the late, great MAD animated series went off the air in 2013, there’s been a lack of ridiculous and entertaining sketch comedy for the all-ages crowd. That ends Monday when Disney XD launches Right Now Kapow, a colorful new collection of absurdly hilarious hyper-active shorts. Not coincidentally, the show comes from Warner Bros. Animation, which produced MAD, and was created by two of that show’s producers, Marly Halpern-Graser and Justin Becker.

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Right Now Kapow premieres over three consecutive nights, September 19–21, at 9/8c. Descriptions of some of the first few sketches are amusingly vague, but give the idea of the show’s ridiculously random flavor: a pharaoh puts friendship to the test; a reporter meets a giraffe; a wizard throws a dinner party; a wrestler makes a career change; a garbage truck puts on a show; a sphinx is such a drama queen.

Here’s an exclusive clip from the show, putting a new spin on the “5 Second Rule” debate:

Right Now Kapow, Series premiere, Monday, September 19, 9/8c, Disney XD