‘Dickinson’: Emily Struggles With the Idea of Fame in Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

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Fame can be a heavy burden, a conceit Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) struggles with in Dickinson‘s Season 2 trailer.

The sophomore season of the Peabody Award-winning comedy sees Emily weighing whether to put her work out into the world for others to read. But putting her literary life into the public eye’s cross-hairs could do more damage than good.

The Apple+ series — created, written, and executive produced by Alena Smith — premieres in 2021 with the first three episodes arriving Friday, January 8. One new installment drops each week as the 10-episode season unfolds.

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Plus, find out when the Apple TV+ comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld returns for its second season.

“I always love your poems, but I can’t be your only reader anymore,” Emily’s love and sister-in-law Sue (Ella Hunt) tells her in the trailer. This ignites an intriguing relationship between Emily and an Amherst newcomer, Sam Bowles (Finn Jones).

“I’m always interested in hearing a new voice,” Sam tells Emily on a daytime stroll. But his offer makes Emily question her next steps. “What if I don’t want fame?” she wonders.

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“I used to have this confidence, but not since I’ve met him,” Emily says, hinting at Sam’s effect on her talent. Will she be left grasping at poetic straws? Only time will tell for sure.

Joining Steinfeld, Hunt and Jones for Season 2 are returning cast members Jane Krakowski, Anna Baryshnikov, Toby Huss, and Adrian Blake Enscoe.

Wiz Khalifa reprises his role as Death and Season 2 will make way for guest stars such as Nick Kroll, Timothy Simons, Ayo Edebiri, and Will Pullen. Pico Alexander joins Jones as a recurring guest star. Catch the 19th-century shenanigans in Dickinson‘s Season 2 trailer below.

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