‘SEAL Team’: Will a Teammate in Danger Get Jason Back in the Fight? (VIDEO)

Jason Hayes David Boreanaz SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 3

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 3 of SEAL Team, “The New Normal.”]

Bravo Team is, simply put, a mess at the moment, but its members will have to put their issues aside ASAP.

The beginning of SEAL Team Season 4 has seen Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) step back from operating; he’s now Ops Chief, while Thirty Mike (Tim Chiou) is temporarily Bravo 1. Clay (Max Thieriot) is behind a desk in the Logistics Department, with no hope of returning to Bravo after taking the fall for the Marsden Letter, really written by Ray (Neil Brown Jr.). (AJ Buckley’s Sonny did not take it well when he learned the truth.)

Bravo can’t even get it together during a training exercise, so it’s hard to imagine when they’ll be back in the field. But it’s going to have to be soon: Ray’s first assignment as warrant officer has taken a serious turn.

Along with Agent Olivia Green (Ellen Wroe), Ray is in Tunisia to collect intel, smooth over any diplomatic issues, and build a target package due to recent terrorist attacks. As “The New Normal” ended, they were sitting in a café, waiting to meet with a contact (who was late), when the building exploded.

And the promo for the next episode shows the aftermath of that explosion — and it’s not looking good for Ray. But his teammates will be on the ground to help. “I want back in the fight,” Jason “Bravo’s-in-my-rearview” Hayes tells Captain Lindell (Jamie McShane). And he clearly won’t take no for an answer.

But this doesn’t mean Bravo Team will be back together for good. As Boreanaz told TV Insider after the premiere, what happens to Ray is “pretty catastrophic [and] brings the team back together … for one or two episodes.”

It should be enough to help Ray and Sonny mend fences, perhaps even change Lindell’s mind about Clay not operating with Bravo again. And it will be particularly interesting to see how Jason handles this op and what it might mean for him going forward. After all, Boreanaz isn’t sure “if he’s going to make it” as he faces what’s next for him.

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