‘SEAL Team’: Meet Bravo’s New Canine Member Pepper (PHOTO)

SEAL Team Pepper New Dog Bravo Team

Among the changes coming to Bravo Team in SEAL Team Season 4 is a new canine member.

In the two-part premiere, what had been teed up at the end of last season came to pass: it is time for Cerberus, who had been getting spooked and ran off during a mission in Afghanistan, to leave the battlefield behind and “be a dog.” His replacement is Pepper (her real and character name, pictured above), as series star David Boreanaz told TV Insider, adding, “It’s going to be awesome. You guys will love it.”

CBS has shared more details about Bravo’s new canine member, a two-and-a-half-year-old Dutch Shepherd, debuting in the December 9 episode. She “was named after a special forces dog that died on the Tigres River in Iraq a few years ago,” according to the network. “Pepper was born in Hulsburg, Netherlands, and has a training background in single purposes explosive detection. When she is not on set, Pepper loves snuggling by the fire and swimming in the ocean.”

But is the two-part premiere the last time we’ll see Cerberus? After getting injured in Afghanistan, he was cleared for duty, but Bravo knew better. “His three years in is like 21 for us,” Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) reminded the dog’s handler Brock (Justin Melnick). “It’s a lot to handle, especially for a creature that can’t ask for help with his PTS.”

“His story definitely opens up. With every door that closes, something new opens, so we definitely will be with him,” Boreanaz said.

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