‘Mr. Iglesias’s Part 3: Gabriel Iglesias Teases a New Love Interest & More Teen Angst

Mr. Iglesias on Netflix
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Class is back in session for Mr. Iglesias as Part 3 of the comedy series premieres on Netflix December 8. The show focuses on a caring history teacher, Gabe, played by comedian Gabriel Iglesias, (also known as “Fluffy”) at the fictional Woodrow Wilson High School. In the coming episodes the titular character has a new love interest, and his students face a fresh set of teenage issues.

Iglesias, who also hosts Nickelodeon‘s Unleashed (think: America’s Got Talent of the animal variety) chats with TV Insider about the two gigs, and if we can expect him to return to stand-up any time soon.  

Mr. Iglesias Part 2 teased a love interest for Gabe named Jackie (Elora Casados), a new guidance counselor. What can you tell us about their relationship?

Gabriel Iglesias: The producers had always talked about the possibility of a love interest, and that was never something I was looking forward to. I thought the character had enough going on, so why complicate things? But here it did make sense because of all the topics we were covering. Gabe had already ended up in AA and was in a relationship in the past. By giving him a love interest, his story comes full circle. It shows the kids are getting better, but he is getting better, too. There are all kinds of twists and turns coming.

What’s it like for you to work with these young actors?

From one season to the next they look like different people to me. Literally, their growth was real. If I can’t get my lines straight, I’m apologizing to them because they’re so polished.   

Gabriel Iglesias Headshot

Gabriel Iglesias

The show features an unusually diverse cast.

We were already working on diversity before it became a thing. I wanted everyone to watch the show and see themselves in it. I feel like we were ahead of the game. 

Do you want the show to tackle COVID?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, I think we’re going to be in this mess for at least another six months. We always try to stay ahead of the curve. This is one of those things you can’t predict. 

What kind of advice do you think your character would give real students today?

Gabe would be as optimistic as possible trying to find the silver lining. I see a lot of the teachers doing their Zoom classes and finding ways to keep it fun and entertaining. He would make sure the mood would be a positive one — unless he was talking to his buddy on the show Tony (Jacob Vargas) of course. Then it would be talking to his confidant where he can say, “This Zoom thing sucks.” 

Mr. Iglesias


What’s it like returning to Nickelodeon after starting on the sketch comedy show All That in 2000?

I am a Nickelodeon alum from back in the day. I figured I aged out before I got the phone call [to do Unleashed]. As soon as they said animals, I was in. I’m a big animal guy. The only thing that freaked me out was the bear. We’re talking goats, chickens, a water skiing squirrel, dogs, and cats. I had a really good time.  



Are you planning any stand-up shows?

As a comic, I’m not there yet. I’m still too stuck in my ways as far as stand-up. I haven’t done any Zoom shows or stand-up comedy concerts. I’ve seen it done, but I can’t get with it. I need live people in front of me to entertain and get the feedback. I’ve been offered the opportunity to do those drive-in shows, and I still can’t do that, either. I’m not going to perform for window wipers and blinkers. If someone honks their horn after one of the jokes, I would lose it. 

Part 3 of Mr. Iglesias, December 8, Netflix

Unleashed, Thursdays, 7/6c, Nickelodeon