‘Fluffy Breaks Even’: Gabriel Iglesias Eats Fried Chicken Tacos with Danny Trejo (VIDEO)

Gabriel Iglesias and Danny Trejo

In the Fuse show Fluffy Breaks Even, comedian Gabriel Iglesias (the “Fluffy” of the show’s title) and his road crew eat like kings … But then they try to “break even” by completing workouts that would challenge people that were in good shape, much less whatever shape Fluffy and his crew are in at the time.

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In this exclusive clip, Iglesias and company hang out with Machete’s Danny Trejo at his new restaurant, appropriately named “Trejo’s Tacos,” and partake in some fried chicken tacos that use lettuce as the taco shell. Guess Danny and his chef wanted to make sure everyone was watching their carbs.

“See, family always comes first. Followed closely by tacos,” said Iglesias. Truer words have never been spoken. 

Fluffy Breaks Even, Thursdays, 10/9c, Fuse