7 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s Mushroom Is Probably This Broadway Star

The Masked Singer Season 4 Mushroom
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The Masked Singer is heading into its Group C playoffs for Season 4, and already the clues are providing some clarity about this latest crop of contestants’ identities.

While speaking voices are altered in an attempt to hide any giveaways, clever clues that are presented offer insight when it comes to the people singing behind the masks. After their performance last week, one contestant’s identity is becoming that much easier to surmise.

Considering this star’s onstage presence, stunning voice and some pointed clues about their career and early years, it’s clear that this contestant has some experience in the spotlight. Pairing this knowledge with everything we know so far, the Mushroom could be Broadway star Anthony Ramos.

1. Hamilton References

Hamilton Cast My Shot Disney+

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During Mushroom’s first performance, he dropped a lot of references to the hit musical Hamilton including a spin on the lyrics to “My Shot” by saying he is “young, scrappy, and fungi.” Ramos played two roles in the musical’s original cast including John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

2. Scholar

Mushroom alludes to being a scholar which could reference Ramos’ early years with the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to which he earned a full scholarship. The performing arts conservatory helped Ramos pursue a career in musical theatre.

3. New York City


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There were a few nods to New York City in Mushroom’s initial clue package including a hot dog cart and high rise buildings. Ramos was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New York City which could be hinting at his roots or even his Broadway career.

4. Rat Race

In the clues, Mushroom says that they were in a rat race but one opportunity helped him hit the big times. During Ramos’ early years performing, he would audition for various roles and according to a 2019 Guardian article, Ramos considered quitting the beat until he met Lin-Manuel Miranda, for whom he auditioned and won a role in the off-Broadway version of Hamilton.

5. Surprising Job

Mushroom claimed to have had a different job before their current career claiming that some people may be surprised. Before Ramos pursued music, he had planned on a career in baseball with plans to play in college and go on to coach. Ultimately that didn’t happen when he opted for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

6. Rise Up

Mushroom claimed that he has had the chance to rise up in his career which could be a reference to Ramos’ involvement in the forthcoming musical film In the Heights. Ramos leads the film, which was set to arrive earlier this year but has been delayed due to COVID-19 closures.

7. The Voice

While Mushroom’s voice may not be a perfect match for Ramos’, he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to throw off the panelists by altering his singing voice slightly. Whether they sound the same or not is up to listeners, but Mushroom and Ramos definitely have a similar pitch.

So, who do you think Mushroom is behind the mask? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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