Cutting-Edge Aerial Footage Reveals ‘India From Above’ (VIDEO)

India From Above Monk Modern and Mystic
National Geographic/Magesh Madhan

With earlier iterations sweeping over the modern topography of China, Egypt, Europe, Japan and New Zealand, National Geographic will deliver more spectacular views, unique insights and brand-new perspectives from the skies above with the premiere of India From Above Thursday, September 24 on Nat Geo WILD.

With exclusive access, National Geographic’s cameras are able to fly through restricted airspace, capturing never-before-seen views.

India From Above Camel Border Patrol

National Geographic/Abhik Wadhwa

One of the world’s oldest continuing civilizations, India has the youngest population of any country on the planet. With an average age of 29 years, the populace is now faced with the largest democratic exercise in human history.

This special hovers over the 850 million voters casting their ballots in 2019 to form a government.

India From Above Kumbh Mela Modern and Mystic

National Geographic/Gaurav Agarwal

This story of a nation, at once both modern and steeped in mysticism is told with breathtaking drone footage as its centerpiece in stunning visual detail of the culture and history.

India From Above, Premiere, Thursday, September 24, 9/8c, Nat Geo WILD