‘The 100’: Clarke & Friends (Unexpectedly) Head Home — and Madi’s in Danger (RECAP)

Eliza Taylor The 100 Season 7 Episode 14 Clarke
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The 100

A Sort of Homecoming

Season 7 • Episode 13

rating: 3.0 stars

[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The 100 Season 3 episode 13, “A Sort of Homecoming.”]

“We’re back, b**ches!”

Well, it’s not quite as triumphant a return to Earth on this week’s The 100 as the first time, when Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) uttered those fateful words. But nonetheless, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Gabriel (Chuku Modu), Murphy (Richard Harmon), Emori (Luisa D’Oliviera) and friends have ended up right back where they started, and surprisingly, it appears livable. Somewhat less surprisingly, Clarke’s determined, by any means necessary to keep everyone there rather than heading back to Sanctum. “I’m not losing anyone else,” she declares.

But her proposed life of peace is about to hit a huge speed bump, because Sheidheda (JR Bourne) is alive and well on Bardo, and, after making a deal with Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) he’s headed for Earth to get Madi (Lola Flanery). And we all know how far Clarke will go to protect her daughter…

Everyone We Care About Is Here

The moment they get through the anomaly, Cadogan peaces out—he has a convenient little pill that brings him back to Bardo. That leaves Clarke and pals in the Second Dawn bunker, where they find Gaia (Tati Gabrielle). That, at least, is a bit of good news; she was brought there because the Anomaly sensed Earth as the planet of origin in her DNA, and she killed the Disciple who got pulled through with her (it’s convenient science, but just go with it).

Clarke has to break the news to Echo (Tasya Teles) and Octavia that she killed Bellamy (Bob Morley), but they take it pretty well, saying the Bellamy they loved died a long time ago. They hug it out, and everybody heads back inside the bunker to find the Anomaly Stone. Raven locates it and they make plans to head back to Sanctum, but Clarke destroys the helmet that’d get them back, seemingly dooming everyone… well, everyone anywhere else. “Earth is our home,” she says. “Everyone we care about is here.” Yeah, Clarke, but what about the people who aren’t there?

Back on Bardo, Sheidheda’s okey-dokey enough to bargain with Bill for info about the sketchbook. He trades command of Sanctum for intel on the artist behind the drawings, and he offers to go to Earth to get Madi.

Marie Avgeropoulos The 100 Season 7 Episode 14 Octavia

You Ruined My Life

In the bunker, everyone’s kind of just… carrying on. Echo wanders off alone, for mysterious reasons. Murphy convinces Raven to fix the helmet in hopes of getting them back to Sanctum. Miller (Jarod Joseph) and Jackson (Sachin Sahel) talk about regrets and starting over; Hope (Shelby Flanery) and Jordan (Shannon Kook) drink and dance, and Clarke and Madi argue about what she did. Madi wants to go back to Sanctum, Clarke won’t allow that, etc. “You ruined my life,” she says, “just like you ruined your own.” Ouch! She wanders off, and Clarke doesn’t follow her.

Outside, Octavia has a grounder funeral for her brother. Indra (Adina Porter) stumbles upon her and tries to convince her to go into the bunker, but she won’t—as a result, Indra stays outside with her. She says O needs to make peace with her past, but if she won’t, then she’s guilty, too. “We were all Blodreina,” she says, and together, they go inside to face her demons. The bridge opens, and, surprise, surprise! Sheidheda’s there, and he’s totally invisible thanks to Bardo’s tech. He follows O and Clarke as they frantically try to track down Madi, who’s chillin’ with Gabriel and a very drunk Niylah (Jessica Harmon).

Emori and Raven keep working on the helmet, and Jordan comforts a guilty Hope, who feels badly about her mother’s death. They all assemble in the workshop as Clarke barrels in and asks where Madi is. Hope says she’s in the rec room. That’s all Sheidheda needs—he locks them in, leaving a screaming Clarke pounding uselessly on the door. Sheidy heads to the rec room, fatally stabs Gabriel and goes after Madi.

Madi’s Choice

Sheidy tracks Madi to the fighting pits in the bunker, where he battles with Indra, Gaia and Octavia. Ultimately, he’s unsuccessful in his mission and draws himself back through the Anomaly by stabbing himself, much as Hope had once done to Octavia. (Sheidheda might be more of a cockroach than Murphy ever was—seriously, this dude survives everything).

The squad breaks out of the workshop and makes it to Gabriel, and Hope comforts him as he dies. Thankfully, Sheidheda left his helmet, so they can (probably) get back to Sanctum. Except Madi’s determined that no one else dies because of her, so she makes her way back to the arena and stabs herself with Sheidheda’s knife, drawing herself through to Bardo. Bardo then sends a bomb through the portal, which collapses parts of the bunker, leaving Murphy and Emori buried.

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