What’s Worth Watching: ‘Difficult People’, ‘Project X’, ‘Elvis Lives!’ and more for Tuesday, August 16.

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Difficult People (streaming on Hulu): The good news: Julie and Billy (Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner) have somehow managed to get on the radar of New York’s hottest renaissance man: Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. The bad news, not unexpectedly, is that they seem to have gotten on his bad side. In truth, though, snagging Miranda for a guest cameo only reflects how influential this snarky comedy has become, attracting some of the biggest names in show business to humiliate the show’s stars on a regular basis. Nicely played.

Summer Olympics 2016 (8/7c, NBC): The gymnastics competition concludes with more individual events, including men’s parallel bars and horizontal bar and women’s floor exercise. Track and field events featured in the prime-time package include men’s high jump and triple jump, and hurdles.

Hunt for Particle X (10/9c, Science Channel): Sounds like science fiction, though it’s anything but. Geek out as this special goes inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider as scientists puzzle over a bump on a graph that could reveal a new particle that could change everything we know about physics. Or not.

Inside Tuesday TV: Take a pause from the current presidential race, as PBS’s American Experience continues replaying greatest hits from its “The Presidents” series with the first half of a two-part biographical profile of Reagan (9/8c, check local listings at pbs.org). . . . On the 39th anniversary of the King’s death, AXS TV presents its first-ever made-for-TV movie, Elvis Lives! (9/8c), a speculative conspiracy story that imagines a world where Elvis Presley never died, but went to work for the FBI. Would it surprise you to hear this comes from the folks who gave you the Sharknado movies? . . . A second season of MTV’s Scream wraps (10/9c) with an episode titled after another horror franchise, “When a Stranger Calls.” Isn’t that how this whole thing got started?