‘Utopia’: Rainn Wilson Promises a ‘Pretty Gruesome’ & ‘Messed Up’ Tale

Utopia Cast Comic Fans
Elizabeth Morris/Amazon

Shadowy conspiracies, a national pandemic and…comic books? It’s definitely a strange world in this grisly thriller from writer Gillian Flynn (Sharp Objects). And that world may actually be coming to an end.

Adapted from the 2013–14 British series of the same name, the intricately plotted tale of Utopia centers on what Flynn calls “a ragtag group of unlikely heroes” (including, above, from left, Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, and Desmin Borges) who meet up at a fan convention. They’re out to acquire the recently discovered sequel to a legendary comic book that’s rumored to contain clues to a looming, devastating virus. But what they soon realize is that the messages buried within reveal far worse than what they ever could have anticipated.

At the same time, Michael Stearns, a low-level scientist played by Rainn Wilson (The Office), believes, based on his history in virology, that his research may hold the keys to stopping the spread of a deadly flu strain. Add in seemingly benevolent biotech guru Kevin Christie (John Cusack), who has developed a controversial meat substitute, and a pair of hitmen with a taste for torture and you have what Wilson calls a “pretty gruesome, graphic, wild, messed up” fable that’s perfect for our times.

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(Elizabeth Morris/Amazon)

Utopia, Series Premiere, Friday, Sept. 25, Amazon Prime Video