Worth Watching: ‘Nails’ Is on Fire, Playing Dodgeball on Discovery, the ‘DeMarcus Family’ on Netflix

Tough as Nails CBS
Tough as Nails

A selective critical checklist of notable Wednesday TV:

Tough as Nails (9/8c, CBS): Recently renewed for a second season, TV’s least pretentious reality competition takes its remaining contestants into the world of first responders at a firefighter training facility. Which could be good news for 36-year-old firefighter Young An, who has struggled through many of the challenges, just barely managing to stay out of “Overtime” in recent weeks. Among the tasks: clearing brush from a 60-foot-long area, saving someone from a simulated disaster area and extinguishing a fire before rappelling down a four-story building. (Tip of the cap to 62-year-old Kentucky airport gate agent Michelle, who was eliminated from the individual competition last week but surely won this season’s “breakout star” sweepstakes, if that’s any consolation.)

Dodgeball Thunderdome (9/8c, Discovery): Many a gym nerd’s worst nightmare goes the Wipeout route in an extreme competition hosted by social-media star David Dobrik. Set on a 13.8-acre arena, with obstacles including a spring-loaded balance beam over a mud pit and a slingshot loaded with mystery ammo, the goal of athlete and neophyte alike is to avoid getting slammed by those blasted balls. The show claims that strategy and quick thinking also factor into the game, not just who has the most powerful throwing arm. Winners of the first eight episodes will return in the finale to compete for a $25,000 grand prize.

DeMarcus Family Rules (streaming on Netflix): Country-music star Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts is the latest celebrity to imagine his home life — with beauty-queen wife Allison Alderson (a former Miss Tennessee) — is fascinating and amusing enough to go in front of the cameras for a six-part reality series. The fact that Jay’s a free-wheeling fun-loving guy, and control-freak Allison is all about establishing and following rules, sets up the primary tension on the domestic front.

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Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus & Wife Allison Explain Why 'DeMarcus Family Rules'

The Nashville couple previews their new Netflix reality series.

Inside Wednesday TV: The first of a two-part episode of The CW’s Coroner (9/8c) presents Jenny (Serinda Swan) with her greatest puzzle yet: figuring out the identity of a dismembered body found in the woods… MTV’s True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories (9/8c) addresses “Love Under Lockdown,” revealing the pressures on new and long-term couples to make life decisions of any sort while sheltering in place… Discovery’s Growing Belushi (10/9c) follows comic actor Jim Belushi on his new career path: as a cannabis farmer. According to him, it’s not as easy as it sounds… The Netflix documentary series High Score celebrates the computer wizards and artful visionaries who brought video games to life, from Pac-Man to Doom, Mortal Kombat to Madden NFL.