‘Kingdom’ Season Finale Features Intense Rematch and an ‘Uncertain Future’ Ahead

Kingdom, frank grillo, highlights

MMA drama Kingdom delivers a direct blow to the gut with a brutal, bloody and heartbreaking Season 2 finale. While most of the action is of the emotional sort—tragic memories haunt a trio of Navy St. Gym’s top fighters—there is also a rousing fight sequence as best friends turned MMA rivals Jay (Jonathan Tucker) and Ryan (Matt Lauria) head back into the cage for a rematch following Jay’s earlier triumph over his childhood pal.

Without spoiling the outcome of that showdown, showrunner Byron Balasco states that “Season 2 ends with our characters facing an uncertain future…for better or for worse.” Which isn’t such great news for a few of the crew outside the ring, including Jay’s grieving father Alvey (Frank Grillo, above) and closeted brother Nate (Nick Jonas), who may not be able to keep his secret much longer—especially now that Kingdom has been renewed for a third round. Hints Balasco, “Major changes are coming.”

Kingdom, Season finale, Wednesday, August 3, 9/8c, DirecTV