‘Corporate’ Sneak Peek: ‘Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk Guest Stars (VIDEO)

Comedy Central’s third and final season of their hilarious workplace comedy Corporate began last week, and Episode 2 introduces us to a demonic black dog voiced by Bob Odenkirk.

The dog’s function is to prolong Jake’s (Jake Weisman) struggle with depression in this funny and dark episode, as you can see in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek.

It flashes back to Jake’s 12th birthday, as the black dog jovially explains to him that life is actually meaningless and he is his new best friend. “I’ll be with you the rest of your life, till the day you die sports boy. Oh, and by the way you suck at sports,” Odenkirk’s character says.

Watch the clip above to see how Matt (Matt Ingebretson) tries to help Jake overcome his depression.

Ingebretson, also an executive producer and writer on Corporate, previously told TV Insider that co-creator Pat Bishop was able to get Odenkirk and this episode opened up a conversation on mental health amongst the cast. “It was definitely cool because throughout it, we had a lot of big discussions about depression and people’s individual experiences in the writers room,” he explained.

Jake Weisman Matt Ingebretson Corporate

(Comedy Central)

“I’m excited to put that episode out and see what people think of it because it probably represents a very specific dark corner that this show can do and that others wouldn’t tackle,” Ingebretson added.

Corporate, Wednesdays, 10:30/9:30c, Comedy Central