Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus Share Their Fears on ‘Friday Night In’ (VIDEO)

It’s a Walking Dead reunion in this week’s episode of Friday Night in with the Morgans as Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s costar Norman Reedus drops by virtually alongside partner and actress Diane Kruger.

In the July 3 episode, Jeffrey Dean and Hilarie Burton-Morgan host an exciting installment of their at-home talk show for AMC with Reedus, Kruger and more exciting guests. Joining in on the fun along with Kruger and Reedus are The Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss and a local comic book store owner, Jean Michel.

While discussing a variety of topics, the conversation turns to strange or unusual fears they all face, and some may surprise you. In an exclusive clip for the episode (which filmed in May), Kruger and Reedus reveal their shared fear of horses.

“We don’t like horses,” Kruger says, shocking the show’s hosts in the process. “I just don’t trust them,” she adds before revealing she’s given up roles in the past if it required her to ride or interact with horses. Kruger also elaborates that her fear stems from experiences where she’s been thrown off of the animals by accident.

Friday Night in with the Morgans

(Credit: AMC)

Likewise, Reedus is on the same page as Jeffrey Dean Morgan teases his costar, “You ride a motorcycle on the show because you were like, ‘Negative on the horses.’ Isn’t that part of it?”

“Yeah, they originally had me doing some runaway, dramatic horse ride and right before we started shooting, I said, ‘Well, whose motorcycle is this in the corner?’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s your brother’s.'” Reedus reveals his persuasive powers which allowed him to opt for the sweet ride versus the horse.

Find out what the other guests’ fears are in the exclusive above, and don’t miss out on more fun tidbits by tuning into the episode on AMC.

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