Can You Outrun the Sun? Netflix’s ‘Into The Night’ Attempts to Do Just That

Into the night

Can you outrun the sun? In the thrilling six-episode Belgian drama (based on a novel by Polish author Jacek Dukaj) Into the Night, a diverse group of airplane passengers attempt to do just that.

At first, when panic-stricken NATO officer Terenzio (Stéfano Cassetti) hijacks a red-eye flight headed from Brussels to Moscow and tells the international travelers on board that the sunrise will kill them, nobody believes him.

But when they touch down (after heading west instead), they see proof of the global disaster and begin their journey into the night.

“They are not superheroes, but everyday passengers,” says creator Jason George (Narcos). Translation: Some people are only looking out for themselves.

Into the Night

(Credit: Netflix)

“The greatest threat isn’t the sun,” he continues, “but surviving each other.”

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