Connie Britton Returns to ‘9-1-1’ in Season 3 Finale — Plus, Who’s Injured? (VIDEO)

Connie Britton Returns 9-1-1 Season 3 Finale Preview

It’s official! Connie Britton is back on 9-1-1 for the Season 3 finale — and in the middle of quite the disaster.

Fox released a preview for the two-part event, airing May 4 and 11, and Abby’s return coincides with the huge train derailment of the finale. In fact, as the promo reveals, she’s on the train?!

But that’s not all that’s coming up in the final two episodes of the season. (Don’t worry: the drama has already been renewed for a fourth season.) Other upcoming calls include someone trapped in a walk-in freezer and a young girl flying away in a hot air balloon.

Plus, it looks like Athena (Angela Bassett) is going to end up in trouble, likely due to her investigation into the serial rapist. Watch the promo below.

“It’s really exciting just to see [Athena’s] different skillset, whether it be detective skills or just running in and dealing with the situation,” Oliver Stark told TV Insider. “It’s going to be all of those things rolled into one, and there’s some darkness and some tense moments coming up for her.”

As for what to expect from Buck in the finale, the actor also teased, “there are certainly moments within the train derailment itself that really have Buck considering the direction that he’s going in.” We’re going to guess that will include a reunion with Abby when he may least expect it. Will he get the “closure” Stark says he needs?

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