‘Gold Digger’: Julia Ormond Teases ‘Layered’ Drama in Acorn TV Series

Gold Digger - Acorn TV - Julia Ormond and Ben Barnes

Like the charming and enigmatic man referred to in the title, the six-part drama Gold Digger will captivate you instantly.

Julia Ormond (Witches of East End) stars as Julia, a wealthy divorcée who incites the anger of her suspicious adult kids — and ex-husband — after falling for suave younger man Benjamin (Ben Barnes). The actress opens up about her complicated character at the heart of Gold.

How would you describe Julia?

Julia Ormond: This wasn’t just the run-of-the-mill, “invisible woman who’s sacrificed her whole life for her kids, so now she’s a bit adrift.” It’s more layered than that. She meets this guy who we question, and we should question. Is it real? Why are they together?

The show opens with their wedding day and it looks like things go bad.

I’m not going to say if it’s good or bad, because I’m not sure that I necessarily see it as one or the other. This is a piece about a woman on a transformative journey, how trauma impacts families and how they deal with it.

Gold Digger Julia Ormond

(Credit: Acorn TV)

It’s 2020! Their age difference shouldn’t be that shocking.

I have friends who are either a young guy with an older woman or an older woman with a younger guy. It’s not something I see as that risqué. I think that it’s strange for this particular woman, who’s so traditional.

Gold Digger, Series Premiere, Monday, May 4, Acorn TV