‘Saved by the Barn’s Dan McKernan on Leaving Tech to Start an Animal Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Leaving any secure position can be scary, but Saved by the Barn‘s Dan McKernan didn’t just leave a career behind when he ditched his Austin, Texas-based tech job — he left an entire lifestyle.

“I was glued to my computer screen,” McKernan admits. “Now, I did a whole 180, and here I am in a barnyard!”


In his new Animal Planet series, Saved by the Barn, viewers will meet McKernan and his many farm animal rescues (like one-horned goat Hugo in the video above!). The former techie was initially a newcomer to raising barnyard animals when he started Barn Sanctuary on his family’s farm, but now the Michigan location has over 100 animals on-site.

Dan also got to talking about his Comfort TV watches, which include re-watching the ultimate escapist fantasy series Game of Thrones and nostalgic, feel-good drama Boy Meets World. But honestly, what’s more relaxing than getting to hang out in the sun with some adorable goats?

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Check out the full video above to meet Dan and some of his goat pals, and an exclusive clip from the series below.

Saved by the Barn, Series Premiere, Saturday, April 11, 10/9c, Animal Planet