How Well Do the Real-Life Bros Behind ‘Brews Brothers’ Know Each Other?

Brews Brothers - Greg and Jeff Schaffer
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Wilbur and Orville Wright. Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. Peyton and Eli Manning. Those Social Network twins. Sylvester and Frank Stallone. The brotherhood of man is real for these fellas, but have any of them convinced the other that they’re a bed-wetter?

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For that sort of fun, you need only to sit back and crack open Netflix’s new comedy, Brews Brothers. The tale of ale-peddling siblings Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) and Adam (Mike Castle) trying to elevate their brewpub with help of a hapless staff while also hashing out some old beefs just dropped on the streaming service and it’s kind of the perfect escape from the crap going on outside.

Fittingly, the unrepentantly irreverent show comes from executive producing brothers Jeff Schaffer (Dave, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Greg Schaffer (That ’70s Show), who also handled the writing, so expect a heady mix of raunch, snark, and familial issues. Ahead of Brews‘ debut, we sent a survey to both Jeff and Greg for them to fill out individually in hopes of seeing just how in sync the Schaffers are and, honestly, we’re pretty impressed. Bet the Jo-Bros wouldn’t even crush it this hard.

Which one of you is more scruffy Wilhelm and who is more beer-snob hipster Adam?

Greg Schaffer: Im more like Wilhelm. Im social and love hanging with pretty much anyone. Jeff, I mean Adam, is the opposite.

Jeff Schaffer: Let’s just say when Greg first told told me about this show — I was instantly intrigued — and not just because the arrogant, jackass older brother character was an homage to me.

Do you remember your first beer together?

Greg: It involved beer pong (the old school version with paddles).

Jeff: Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. And it probably didn’t stay down long.

Brews Brothers - Mike Castle + Alan Aisenberg

Brews Brothers

What was your biggest fight as kids?

Greg:It was about a prank Jeff pulled on me when I was 8 that I’d rather not talk about.

Jeff: I’m so glad you asked! Here’s what I used to do: I would sneak into Greg’s room, pull back the covers and pee in his bed. He thought he was an 8-year-old bed wetter!

Who was the “golden boy and who was “the black sheep”?

Greg: Jeff was the black sheep. Hed say the same thing. He wears it with pride.

Jeff: I was definitely the black sheep. But if you count the peeing, I guess I was the “Golden Boy,” too!

Which one shows up to story meetings with the most ideas? Who shows up with the worst ideas?

Jeff: Hmm… I don’t remember having a bad idea. Not one. Ever.

Greg: Jeff had a lot of bad ideas. I had some bad ideas too, but mine were more authentic because I drink a lot more beer.

Brews Brothers - Mike Castle + Alan Aisenberg

Brews Brothers

Jeff, you have Dave, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Brews Brothers going on… what was the biggest lie you told Greg to get out of coming to work on Brews?

Jeff: Last year was just a blur. Sometimes I would just tell each show I was at the other one and spend the day at a Korean day spa.

Greg, how did you make sure Jeff stayed focused on Brews Brothers?

Greg: Were brothers. Id hit him. I will say this, for all he had going on and how much work he had to do, his skin seemed really healthy and smooth.

If you had a brewpub, what would you name it?

Jeff: Free Beer.

Greg: Schaffer Brewing & Dog Park. You can take a growler home or let your dog leave a growler on the grass.

Say they’re making a TV movie about the Schaffer Brothers… who would do you think your brother would want to play you?

Greg: No one would watch a show about the Schaffer Brothers. Not even the Schaffer mother and father.

Jeff: I think Greg would want me to be played by Andy Serkis. In full Gollum mode.

Finally, what’s your beer of choice?

Greg: Especially now, it’s important to support local breweries. My current favorite is Cutting Bracken, an English Brown Ale, from MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. in Van Nuys, CA. And yes, Van Nuys is also the home of Rodman’s Brewery in the show.

Jeff: It’s from hills north of Venice, Italy, and it’s called Amarone and it’s a wine. Greg is so going to pee in my bed when he reads this.

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