‘FBI’ Sets Season 2 Finale — What Will That Mean for Maggie? (VIDEO)

FBI Season 2 Finale Moved Early Coronavirus Maggie Undercover
Michael Parmelee/CBS

FBI is just one of several TV shows ending the 2019-2020 season early due to the coronavirus pandemic, and CBS revealed the finale date following the series’ first crossover with spinoff FBI: Most Wanted.

Season 2 will end with Episode 19, “Emotional Rescue,” and as the promo (below) reveals — the logline hasn’t yet been released — the team is dealing with an abduction and on a deadline. If they “stick to the plan,” as OA (Zeeko Zaki) says, will it work?

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Considering that the episode wasn’t designed to be a season finale, chances are there won’t be a cliffhanger. (However, we already saw earlier this season that seemingly standard episodes can end with one.) What we do know is that we’ve likely already seen Maggie (Missy Peregrym) for the last time.

At the end of Episode 17, she accepted an undercover assignment she couldn’t pass up that was to last for a few months. And early on in the crossover, FBI reminded viewers of just that. “Grab Maggie and — no, I keep forgetting she’s off undercover,” Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) told OA. Her partner did, too. (This undercover assignment seems to have been designed to explain Peregrym’s absence on-screen since the actress is pregnant.)

Chances are we won’t get an update or see any resolution to that until next season (assuming the show is renewed). Plus, it’s always possible that the assignment ends early due to the change in the production schedule and Peregrym’s availability.

That mention in the crossover also served to get any explanation about her whereabouts out of the way before the two teams worked together to track down a bus full of missing kids and those behind it. For the next two hours, viewers saw various pairings and team-ups as the agents got to know one another while closing the case — and tracking down LaCroix’s (Julian McMahon) daughter, wrongfully detained by ICE.

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FBI, Season 2 Finale, Tuesday, March 31, 9/8c, CBS